How I’ve been spending my Saturday

I was up very late again, (it happens when you get off work at 11:00 pm) so I slept in a bit, got cleaned up, and then thought, “I really need to put together the new lawnmower.”

Overgrown, weed infested lawn
You think?

You see, for a couple of months now, we have not had a functioning gas-powered lawn mower. There were two dead mowers in the back yard/shed when we moved into this rental house, and after looking them over and realizing there was too much wrong for our limited mechanical skills, Adam purchased one at a local pawn shop. It worked for a while, and then one day, when I was mowing, SNAP! The metal part that holds the carburetor in place just broke in half. We aren’t into welding around here, so… For a few months I used what I call the “lawn scissors” (Those push mowers that roll around and cut some grass, if it’s very thin and it doesn’t just bend as you push the mower over…) but it’s been growing progressively worse, and the last time I ran over the same two foot wide patch for an hour straight until I nearly died of heat stroke, I gave up.

Adam bought another lawn mower. A new one this time. A good one. So part of my morning was spent trying to put it together, failing, calling in Adam, and yeah, it’s together now. And it’s safely in the shed after I spent about an hour in sunny hundred degree heat mowing about half of the front lawn. After Adam did a big patch, but he looked like he was about to drop dead, so I took over. Matthew may have continued after I left – I don’t know. There is MUCH more to do. And it’s raining AGAIN.

We are going to put the dead mowers by the road tomorrow and place an ad in Craigs List advertising that they are free, and may be good for parts. None of them works at this time, and I don’t think any of them will. That is, we will do this if I can reclaim them from the land:

Vines seeking revenge on a lawn mower
This reminds me of a horror movie that was set in Costa Rica.

Here is the Lawn Mower Graveyard:

Collection of lawnmowers in an overgrown back yard
The one in the bottom right corner is simply paying its respects.

After nearly dying in the front yard, I came in and woke my daughter up so she could go spend the night at a friend’s house out in the boondocks. I also had to gather up all my stuff for work.

I didn’t realize when she initially asked that her friend no longer lives in Gainesville. Fortunately, their house in Alachua is not too terribly far from where I work, so I was able to make it to work within the “seven minute window” – barely.

It’s dead quiet today. So to while away the time, I’ve taken a few photos. There isn’t much to photograph without leaving the confines of the dispatch desk, which I can NOT do. Some of these photos were taken last night, some this morning, before the storm started to roll in. It can’t decide if it wants to rain or not.

I was also fortunate enough to have some crows and a brave squirrel around.

Natural Science Building, cloudy
View from the station yesterday
Natural Sciences Building at night
Last night
sunny skies over the science building
Before the clouds rolled in
Crow eating crackers
The first brave crow. Yes, I fed them crackers.
Three crows
Flappy Birds?

Clouds over palm trees 088 145 146 Sunlight in the tree with clouds in the distance 152

I have quite a bit of playing around to do with the new camera. I’m sure I’m going to end up buying lots of accessories before long, too.

It’s been years since I’ve had an SLR camera, and this is my first digital SLR.


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