Weird Wednesday – At the Weird Store

I guess this is more of a confession to let you all know, in case you haven’t figured it out yet – I’m weird. I say that with a smile, though.

I say this with authority because of how I spent my day yesterday. I actually worked the early shift. Normally I would work 9-5, but I worked 7-3, as my coworker was out sick. I got off work early and what did I do? I went with Adam to do his work.

He had to do some tobacco recalls in various stores. The first three stores were Publix stores around town. Most of the potentially recalled tobacco was already in the back of the store, so while he did his work, I did some “speed walking” around the grocery store for exercise. That’s normal, right?

But then, we drove out to Live Oak for a store that was listed, but which was clearly out of business when we arrived. On the way, we stopped at this truck-stop/convenient store so Adam could buy gas. He’s been telling me about this store for a while – it’s where he purchased my birthday gift. (Diabetes. He gave me diabetes for my birthday, or at least tried to, by giving me a 10 layer cake, fudge, honey, and a bunch of other sugary things that were certainly not healthy!)

It’s an impressive store, called “Busy Bee”. And to prove how weird I am, I took photos. Of a convenient store. Which I will now share.

This deserves a salute on Weird Wednesday. Who dreamed THIS concoction up?
This deserves a salute on Weird Wednesday. Who dreamed THIS concoction up?
small, old fashioned gas pump model
Okay, it’s kind of cute, right?
Big ten layer cakes for $35.99
Mmm… Diabetes.
Jerky display
Meat. Dried meat. Lots of it.
Candy display
Candy. Lots of candy.
Hand made soap display
Funky soap
Lots of candy and stuff in a store
Rows and rows of diabetes. Toffee covered corn pops.
Frozen diabetes.
Soda fountain
Fizzy diabetes.
No thank you.
Handmade jewelry
Thingamabobs for Ariel?
The light fixture over the cash register
The light fixture over the cash register

I know, it’s not THAT weird to take photos of the inside of a store. But where I cross the line? I took photos in the loo. Because it was just really, really cool.

So, here we go…

Sign by the bathroom door that reads: Clean potties... it's our beeswax!

Ladies room sign - shaped like bees wax
I think we have a definite Bee theme going here.

Bathroom stalls with plants hung everywhere

Bathroom counter with sinks and flower shaped light fixtures

Not bad for a truck stop.


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