A little moment of bragging…

It is Wednesday, which is my “Weird” day, but before I go scouting the internet looking for something Weird enough to post, I have to take a moment to brag.

One of the upsides to working in the Police Station on campus is that people come in to do things like turn in or sign out keys, obtain parking decals, etc.

Last week, my Web Authoring 1 professor came in to turn in his key, as he is retiring. While I have enjoyed every single class I’ve taken so far, and I’ve had many wonderful professors, I felt he went above and beyond in his grading/feedback. I know part of that is taking a class live rather than online, but still – the comments he made from the very beginning, the points here and there to make the lessons stick – really, really helped me to understand the building blocks of HTML 5 and CSS.

One of the things I enjoyed a great deal about his class was looking at some of the amazing examples from previous classes. He would show us what some of his prior students did, and how, to show how to do something.

Our class was pretty awesome that semester. There were quite a few really great web pages.

When he came into the station, he told me he used my web page from fall semester in his examples in the spring.

That was pretty awesome, but today? BOTH of my professors from Summer D came to the station at the same time. I had previously met my Programming Instructor (again, at the station) before I had her class, but I had not only never met my Web Authoring 2 professor (she’s pretty new here), but I had not even seen her photo. (When someone calls for something, we look them up by ID number, and often check the photos before entering the information into our database. Hers is not even in the system.)

I had no idea who she was, she was picking up a parking decal, and before I could look her up in the database to verify her employment, she picked up my business card from the front desk and read my name out loud.

“That’s me,” I said.

She proceeded to tell me I was her “star pupil” and that she’d really wished she could give me an A+. Apparently there were people on many different levels, including one student who didn’t know what a “URL” was. (He said he’d taken the first class six months earlier, and couldn’t be expected to remember. Really?!) I suppose when you take a break between classes, sometimes the things you learn leave you, but knowing that you’re going to take the next level, one would think you would at least brush up on things?

I did tell the professor that the JavaScript stuff at the end felt rather rushed, and I wasn’t really sure I had learned what was needed. (I plan on reverse engineering some stuff so I can be sure to learn, though!) They are changing the course next semester to start JavaScript earlier in the semester, which is a very good thing. They will be providing two chapters from another text to make sure it’s covered.

There were also some students in the class who were so far advanced in JavaScript, etc., that she wondered why they were even taking the class. We were interrupted, so we had to cut the conversation a little short, but my answer would be that some people who don’t need the classes for the purposes of learning still take the classes to receive college credit/a degree so that they have a piece of paper verifying that they know what they know. It’s a sad fact that sometimes employers rely more on that paper than the talent and hard work and end product of an employee or potential employee. My father knows enough about physics and is smart enough to teach a physics class (he was an electrician for years, and he is a “thinker”) but he does not have a degree, as he never attended college, so there were job opportunities out there for which he couldn’t apply.

On a side note – did you know that Abraham Lincoln, who was a licensed lawyer, never attended law school? Back in the day, self-study was an option. Try that in any state and see where it gets you now.

School has sadly become a big business, and is often more about producing worker drones than educating people.

So, because I feel that no post is complete without some sort of photo, I’ll leave you with a totally unrelated photo of a mushroom next to a pine cone. You’re welcome!

Mushroom and pine cone
It’s important to have a picture.

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