Our collection of pets is continuing to grow.

We’ve had Shishi since 2009.

Japanese Chin sitting in a small pink suitcase
He fits nicely into a carry-on bag.

Then, on a drive to one of his merchandising jobs, Adam rescued a turtle who was determined to become road-kill. I named her Nellie, short for Salmonella.

Photo taken by Adam.

We decided that Nellie needed a friend. So we got a stink-pot turtle that we call “Soggy.” This is because she likes to hide under the filter, and barely comes out to eat. You’ll just see this head and giraffe-like neck stretching to gobble the turtle food.

Stink pot turtle
Soggy on dry land. Or rather, on paper. We take them out from time to time to play with them.

Then, Adam found a frog. An illegal alien frog – a Cuban Tree Frog. They are all over the place, and they are a threat to Florida tree frogs, because they eat the same stuff, and they eat Florida tree frogs. They also eat crickets, kittens, and small children. They aren’t too picky. When they freak out, the emit a disgusting and toxic slime. Therefore, “Fidel” or “Smeagol/Gollum” (the latter is my name for him, Adam calls him Fidel) is in his own cage now, as we not only couldn’t kill him, we’ve made a pet of him. He’s cute, and he’s a chameleon.

Cuban tree frog in water
We have to keep him detained, as he is not a law-abiding citizen. He was in with the turtles at first…

That should be enough, right? Except for the cricket we buy to feed the frog, and the fresh water ghost shrimp we buy to feed the turtles (and they keep the tank clean until the turtles eat them.

Nope. Today, we brought home one more “pet.” Meet Audrey II.

Venus Fly Trap
Feed me, Seymour!

She lives next to the turtles, who seem to be collecting drain flies. (ICK!) Hopefully she will enjoy the ultra violet light we have over their tank. We picked her up in the grocery store while running errands for Adam’s mother.

No more. I told Adam, if he wants to be friends with the armadillo under the porch, he has to keep it outside. Same with the squirrels.

Squirrel tearing up the carpet on the back porch
Squirrel Nutkins likes to visit our back porch on a daily basis.

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