Fiction Friday – Lost and Found Part 13

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Warning: not suitable for kids.

Silver Shoes

Susie set the coffee down in front of Jake, who was intent on the screen in his hand.

“Why?” she said, sitting down across from him, staring intently at his face.

“What’s that?” he asked, still absorbed in his phone.

“I said, ‘why?'” Her voice was growing more insistent.

“What do you mean, ‘why?’ Why what?”

Susie tucked her hair behind her ear. Maybe I shouldn’t ask. Maybe I’m opening a can of worms I really shouldn’t open.

“Why did you have me seduce a married man?”

“You didn’t have to do much seducing, did you? As I recall, he pretty much fell at your feet the moment you talked to him.”

“That’s not the point. Why? What was in it for you?”

“Are you mad or something? Has something happened?”

“I’m just curious. I know we’re not normal, I know this marriage is some sort of business arrangement for you, but most pimps don’t marry their whores.”

“Is that what you think this is about? Do you think I’m making money by having you sleep with him? It’s not about that.”

“Then what is it?”

“It’s personal. It’s the means to an end. And I am very grateful for your help. Trust me.”

“Look. I know this guy is probably a jerk because he was willing to cheat on his wife, but is he really so horrible that you need me to go in and wreck his life and his family’s lives? He seems to be getting too attached, and I’m just not comfortable with this anymore.”

“So this whole conversation is because your conscience is bothering you.”

“No. Yes. I don’t know. Do you even know these people?”

“Yes. All too well.”

“How? Did he kill your kitten back when you were in elementary school or something?”

For a moment something seemed to flash behind his eyes, and then the mask was back in place.

“Some day I’ll tell you about it, but not yet. If you’re not comfortable with this situation, that’s fine. You’re a grown woman, you can decide these things for yourself. It’s okay. You’ve done me a huge favor, and I’m grateful.”

“Really? You’re okay with me not seeing him again?”

“Really. Do whatever you want. If you want to keep seeing him, that’s fine, too. I’m okay with it either way.” He picked up his phone again, tapping the screen.

Susie wasn’t returning his texts. Why had he called things off in the first place? Because Janeen had uncharacteristically wanted sex for a change? One night. One night of great sex after years of playing the snow queen. And now she was back to her usual frigid self.

And now Susie wouldn’t return his texts, or his calls. He thought things were okay after they’d met up again. She’d been as hot as ever, until he’d brought up the topic of feelings. Sure, she’d gotten a little quiet when they talked about Janeen and Susie’s husband. But after that, they’d had several more rounds. If anything, it felt even more intense.

It wasn’t like her not to reply. What if something was wrong? What if her husband found out? What if right now, at this very moment, he was strangling her in a jealous rage?

Worse still, what if her husband came after him next?

Rob pushed that thought from his mind. She didn’t even know his last name, let alone where he lived. It was funny, really. He knew every inch of her body, how to make her moan, how to make her toes curl, but he didn’t know her last name. He didn’t know where she lived. He could barely remember that she drove a gray Honda Civic. If she didn’t text him back, he would have no way of finding her.

His throat felt dry at the thought.

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