The down side to infinite life…

How many of you play games like Candy Crush Saga and the like? Candy Crush is actually one of the games I resisted for a while, although I was already playing a bunch of King games. I think it started with the Pyramid Solitaire game, which I rarely play these days. Bubble Witch Saga was the worst. I actually got to the highest level, and then they created more. They also created a second Bubble Witch Saga game. In case you’re wondering, that’s one of those aim and pop games.

My worst are Farm Heroes and Candy Crush these days, which are “switch to match” games. However, the past few days I’ve returned to Pet Rescue. It’s sad, really – I’m on level “I have no life,” aka 437. And what makes it worse is that I’ve just won 24 hours of infinite life.

What do you do when you have limited infinite life on one of these stupid games? If you’re like me, you play non stop until your damned hand hurts.

There is a game out there called “Alpha Betty Saga.” I try not to play it, because it’s one of those “create words” games that I could literally play for HOURS without losing. Without losing the game, that is. I’m losing while I’m playing it. I’m losing valuable time that could be spent doing something more meaningful, like writing, or reading, or creating, or getting up and walking.

Sometimes infinite life can be a bad thing.


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