Pet Peeves

Everyone has theirs. Most of mine are the landmines on Facebook. Here are a few triggers for me:

1. “Jesus Daily.” I’m going to keep on scrolling without sharing, liking, or saying “amen.” Know what? I don’t believe God is any more or less likely to kill that little kid with cancer because of my non-reaction to your bleedin’ Jeebus post.

2. People who bitch about what other people do with their food stamp allowance. Know what? I don’t care what that person with the EBT food stamp card is buying. Obviously not alcohol, and even if they could buy it with food stamps, how is it any worse than the endless photos you’re posting of pale ale, boat drinks, and “it’s beer o’clock/wine-thirty”?  So what if they’re eating caviar? When the monthly allowance runs out, it runs out. They will have to figure out how to feed themselves at that point. Not my monkeys, not my circus…

3. Posts that accuse our current president of doing every bleeding thing the president before him did. Look, the guy isn’t perfect, nobody is, but he seems like a pretty smart man, and his intentions seem honorable. No, he’s not a Muslim anymore than anyone else who professes to be Christian is Muslim. Get your head out of your arse and quit buying into every conspiracy theory invented by Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh. Someone posted this:


My comment to that was, “I never realized George W. Bush was African American!” If you look at the numbers of what they each did during their presidencies, it doesn’t look as though President Obama will go down in history any worse than George W. Bush will. The divisiveness of the Obama administration is just as much about having to work with a Congress determined to make him fail.

Guess what? I didn’t vote for him the first time around. I did the second. Neither decision had anything to do with the color of his skin, but more to do with actually seeing what he was trying to accomplish. Has he been perfect? No. Has he made mistakes? Yes. Not one single president has ever had a perfect presidency, nor do I believe any of our presidents didn’t act in the manner they felt was in the best interest of our nation. Some have been more misguided than others, but they all deserve respect.

4. People who post crap about how Christianity is under attack and the Pledge of Allegiance is no longer being recited, yada yada yada. Guess what? It was a socialist manifesto invented in the late 1800s. It originally didn’t contain the sentence “Under God.” That was added during the Communist scare. The original salute looked VERY much like the salute to Hitler and the Third Reich.

Children saluting the flag circa late 1800s/early 1900s.
Heil America!

Adam created the meme from this historic photo. There was a video in his history class – they actually DO extend their arms after.

The same people who wine about how their rights (often nothing more than the right to discriminate against non-Christians) are being attacked will bitch and moan about the Empire State Building being lit up in green for the last day of Ramadan. Guess what? THAT was planned well before any shootings of marines. It wasn’t some reaction to appease Muslims to stop them from attacking. Nope. It was a celebration of a festive day celebrated by many citizens of the United States of America. Just like Christmas, or Easter, or Passover. Don’t cry over how you’re “not allowed to say Merry Christmas anymore” (bullshit on that, too – nobody is stopping you. Just don’t proselytize in your workplace, especially if you’re in customer service! I don’t feel like being preached at when I’m buying milk at the grocery store.) but then turn around and get your panties in a twist because OH MY GOD! THE POST OFFICE IS PRINTING A STAMP TO CELEBRATE AN ISLAMIC HOLIDAY!!! You didn’t bitch about the Nativity Stamp, did you? What about that Easter stamp? No? I’m pretty sure I heard crickets chirping.

5. Donald Trump, Scott Walker, Jeb Bush. There are others on the list. Pretty much any time they make the news, and I read what comes out of their mouths, my blood pressure starts to rise.

6. Men’s Rights Advocates. People who respond to “Black Lives Matter” by saying “All Lives Matter.” Look, it’s hard to be a human being, no matter your gender, no matter the color of your skin, no matter where you were born. However, can we all just take a step back and realize that if you have never been black or never been a woman or never been gay, you’re not going to have the same experiences? History has plenty of evidence to show that some people had it better than others. Wander into a museum that displays the artifacts from slave ships some time. Hopefully one that lets you pick up the chains and feel how heavy they are, and imagine how it must have felt to have it shackled around your ankle. Imagine what it feels like to be put up on an auction block and sold as a piece of meat to the highest bidder, torn apart from your family and all you hold dear. Imagine being told you could were set free and could now vote, then showing up to be told to go away, all the hoops you’ve jumped through weren’t enough.

Women were chattel to men. They were considered an extension of their husbands, why should they vote? If they were beaten or mistreated, it was because they brought it on themselves. There were jobs they were allowed to take, and jobs they weren’t.

Why does that matter now, when nobody is preventing anyone from voting? (You just have to jump through some hoops that may be difficult if you don’t have money/transportation/etc.)

Life is not equal. Most people who are born wealthy stay wealthy. It’s much easier to succeed in school if you’re not distracted by where you will get your next meal, or whether you should spend hard earned money on filling the gas tank so you can have hot water to take a shower. It’s easier to make good grades if you’re not working 40 hours a week at a minimum wage job while trying to balance between work and school.

Saying everyone has an equal chance is not honest. If you place someone on top of a mountain and another person in a concrete trench, who do you suppose will have an easier time finding the middle ground?

Going around saying “Men have it rough, too” is like saying “heart attacks are bad, too” at a Cure for Cancer rally. No shit, Sherlock, but this isn’t the time or place. Yes, I agree, ALL LIVES MATTER. But not all people are being killed on the street by overzealous officers because they sold a cigarette out of the package. If a huge percentage of our population is feeling unsafe in their own homes, persecuted, and unfairly treated, we need to open our eyes, see where the problem lies and do everything in our power to FIX IT.

Yes, I’m a flaming liberal. Yes, I’m female. No, I’m not African American, if that makes a difference to anyone reading this. No, I’m not gay, either. I just happen to believe that all human beings deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.


4 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

  1. To this entire post, I can only say “amen sister!”

    By the way, I only recently found out that “Men’s Rights” is an actual thing. I honestly thought it was a concept from an “Onion” or “FreeWoodPost” or one of the other countless satire news websites.

    Stop oppressing me, will ya?

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