Weird Wednesday, Weird Work Week

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that Wednesday is my Tuesday with my current schedule. So far, the week is getting off to an unusual start.

For one thing, apparently Monday was extremely busy, which isn’t very typical in the summer. I’m calling it a preview of the start of fall semester next month. Everybody needed doors unlocked, and people kept locking their keys in their offices.

And then, the dead calm of the IT Department’s power surge causing the phones and internet to fail. It was handled, but some of the phone features were still being repaired as late as this morning.

Today, I was working on a special project that involves calling people to update information. Recalling that a few weeks ago I made an outbound call from the main line and when that call lasted more than a few minutes it prevented other callers from being able to dial in (it shouldn’t have – there are multiple lines on that phone, plus another phone it can feed into, but someone was getting a busy signal) I decided to use another of the five front desk phones.

Why do we have five phones? There is the main line, which actually has two lines. Then there is the emergency phone, which is strictly for emergency calls. Then there is a phone right next to the emergency phone, which is great for calling to trouble shoot any issues with NCIC/FCIC. There is a phone that the public can use, which is located on the counter by the door, and then, the fifth phone – a phone that is conveniently placed next to one of our alarm monitoring systems, presumably for the purpose of calling to trouble shoot alarm system issues. It was this final phone that I decided to use.

I typed myself out a script first, because secret? I always feel a little uncomfortable about making outgoing calls. I compiled my list of phone numbers. I looked down and thought to myself, “Boy, this phone is dusty! Maybe I should wipe it first.” Then I felt something brushing on my leg, and I looked down and made a sound that made my supervisor think I’d spotted “the office rat.” (We’ve had some sort of rodent in the building in the past couple of months.) No, it wasn’t a rat.

It was a HUGE bug. A black bug. A roach or a palmetto bug. And IT WAS ON MY LEG.

So, here is the weird part – after knocking it off and watching it scurry behind the computer panel by the floor, my thought was, “DAMN. I should have taken a picture!”

What the Hell is wrong with me?

Priorities. Next time I’m getting that bastard with my cellphone camera. I know, hopefully there won’t be a “next time.”

And no, it was NOT a pretty beetle like this one!

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