My summer term is terminating.

I have done almost everything I need to do, and one thing I didn’t need to do, for the Summer D Classes session.

The thing that remains undone is to turn in the paper (which I have written) critiquing the websites of five of my fellow Web Authoring 2 classmates. Yes, I have written the paper. Why haven’t I turned it in? Because there appears to be a glitch in the website that doesn’t recognize my Microsoft Word Document as a Microsoft Word Document. (It’s .docx, one of the valid formats.) Nothing can ever be easy, can it?

I did not have to take Exam 3 in Programming, as I received a message from my Programming Instructor stating that, as I had an A, I didn’t need to take the Final Exam, and that she dropped my lowest Exam Grade (Exam 3) to determine that I had an A in the class and am therefore eligible to skip the final. I didn’t have to take Exam 3, because had I not taken it, it would be dropped anyway as my lowest exam grade. However, I decided to take it, just to see how I would do. I made an 88. So the 84 I made on the first exam will be the officially dropped Exam grade, and my Exam grade will now be a point or two higher, making my overall A about a point higher than before, which means absolutely nothing.

The long and short of it is that I’m pretty sure I’ll be making an A in Web Authoring 2 (I’m currently carrying over a 100% average before the final project and paper are graded) and I know I’ll be making an A in Programming, so my 4.0 at the college remains intact. Woo hoo!

We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief, right?

So, for everything good that happens, something bad must happen. Adam fell again, because his knee gave out on him. I’m waiting to hear from him. He went to the ER. We also had to go ahead and pay the deductible on his phone and make the claim, because the third time was the charm – his shattered screen is completely not working now, though he can still use the phone to talk.

Fortunately, we had the money to pay the deductible because the Moving Crew I hired last year who backed out on me and promised to refund my money during the horrific move of 2014 finally refunded my money, almost a year after the move. They said they would refund it, they just didn’t say when.

And that was kind of a messed up story, too. I hired them through U-Haul. I’m going to call them “Two Deaf-Mutes and No Truck.” Yes, they were deaf and mute. No, I have nothing against people who are deaf or mute, and I don’t believe in discriminating against anyone. That said, part of the problem was that there was serious communication issues involved, as I don’t know ASL. And the problems I had with them went beyond the communication error.

When they backed out, they said they would issue a full refund. So I waited a few weeks, then put in the claim for the refund with U-Haul. That made them angry, because after all, they said they were refunding the money, so I shouldn’t put in the claim. Um, okay – except that at the month point, I have to wonder how good your word truly is?

They didn’t refund my money. I should have gone after them a long time ago, especially since I am always broke, and the fact that they backed out me put me in a worse position than if I’d never hired them – the time I wasted trying to coordinate their service took just long enough for a major thunderstorm to roll in, causing even more delays. The load I took before they were due to arrive was smaller than it otherwise would have been because I wanted to make sure I was back at the old place in time to meet them, etc.  Because of their actions, I wound up having to rent the truck an additional day, and I still wasn’t able to move everything I needed to move.

Why didn’t I fight them when they took nearly 11 months to refund my money?

Because it costs money to fight for money, even money you are owed. So I let it go, just like I let so many things go. I moved on, I worked my 12 hour shifts, I took my classes, I spent what little time I could with my kids, and I avoided another legal battle. Add a hashtag “Why I get screwed.”

Anyway, they finally DID refund the $100. And $99 of it just went right back out to pay the deductible for the broken cell phone that Adam needs to be able to do any of his four jobs.

The story of my life...
The story of my life…

This is why I can never get ahead. No matter how hard we work, the boulder comes crashing back down as soon as we think we have it on the top of the hill.

One of these days, it will go over the edge, and it will roll down the other side of that hill, uncontrolled, and crush all the people who have ever screwed me. Or not. Who the hell knows?

Either way, life is good.

Oh, and my Final Project in all its Glory can now be seen online. No, you can’t really buy the stuff in the Catalog.


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