Weird Wednesday – Weird Cities

I’ve become rather dull lately, I’ll admit. It’s crunch time with school – I’m still working on my Twisted Turtle website for Web Authoring 2, “The Final Project,” in which I am cleaning up all the crap I need to clean up by Friday. Or not. I’m struggling with that Java Script thing that was bugging me last week.

I did a bunch of Uber driving the week of the fourth of July, and I made a fair amount of money for my efforts, which was much needed, but I have to say the rides sort of blended together.

Last week, I didn’t drive as many, and I had a couple of bad ratings, so now I’m on “probation” with Uber because my rating slipped to 4.5 out of 5. I’m guessing one of the bad ratings came from a girl who was annoyed that I wouldn’t drive the wrong way down a one way street to drop her off in front of the club. She was kind of grumpy about some text before that happened, and she didn’t want to wait for me to circle around the block to get her there safely, so she insisted on getting out on 2nd Street instead of 1st. I’m sorry – the several hundred bucks I may make per week are NOT worth totaling my 2011 Honda Odyssey, which would cost about $30,000 to replace. Nor is it worth a reckless driving citation. So the lunatics do NOT get to run the asylum, even if that ultimately means my Uber driving days are numbered.

I’ve also been remiss as a reader. I have not kept up with the friends I’ve made on WordPress in my obsessive need to not only pass these computer programming classes, but maintain a 4.0 GPA this time around, and most importantly, learn this stuff. I am still trying to figure out how to transfer information from the catalog form into the confirmation form.

But, on to bigger and better things, or at least weirder things.

Ever heard the phrase “Keep [City Name] Weird”? Well, a coworker of mine pointed out an article about Portland, one of the cities striving to stay weird. Apparently tossing sneakers over the electric wires isn’t good enough for the folks in Portland. They had to get a little more creative.

It’s a competition with Austin, Texas. I’d say that Austin had better get busy if they want to one-up the Flying Dildo town.

Oh, wait… Not flying. Hanging.

THIS would be a flying dildo:

Is that to say they give a Flying F#ck? Did you know you CAN give a Flying F#ck? You used to be able to order one on, but apparently they no longer sell the product. Censorship at work? Or competition for their delivery drones?

You can no longer purchase a Flying F#ck from Amazon, but you CAN purchase a Flying Shark. Close, but no cigar.

And speaking of cigars, we’re going in a big circle, aren’t we? Because we all recall that a certain president used a cigar as a sex toy with a certain intern, leading to a certain sex scandal in the White House. You know, the White House that our current president has destroyed by enacting a bill to provide the masses with healthcare and using diplomacy in matters of foreign affairs. The horror.

I suppose I don’t really have to post for Weird Wednesday, though – Donald Trump has my back. Or is that backside?

Technology. Good for advancing society, and creating interesting sex toys. I think I’m going to go hide under a rock.  You know, as soon as I can get it up the hill…

Sisyphus pushing the rock up the hill
Almost there?

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