Uber this Week

I  wasn’t  doing so great for most of last week… even through Sunday morning I had only earned about $48. That may sound okay until you factor in that I was logged in about five of those nights for at least a little while, and one night driving earned me less than minimum wage.

Then came Sunday night/Monday morning. A little after 12:30, I caught a trip from the hospital to an apartment across town and back. Nice girl, but she was going home to retrieve food and go back to work. I hope that was an awesome gourmet meal for the cost of the Uber drive…

Three more rides – one during a 1.5 price surge – more than doubled what I had earned earlier in the week… all in under 2 hours.

I particularly  enjoyed the college kids who kept using the term “salty.” I should look it up, but I  may not want to know… 😉

Tonight I “camped” at a gas station by the airport around the time two flights were due to arrive and picked up a good $28 ($21 for me) fare. Five more rides before we hit the new driver bonus. :-D. I’m  hoping to pick them up this week.

Extra food for thought… I have kept my van clean for a little over a month now. I even vacuumed it today.  Anyone who knows me knows this is a huge miracle. When I came in and vacuumed the living room, it occurred  to  me… of I want to live in a clean house, I will need to open a Bed and Breakfast… 😉


Of course, that would require people to actually want to visit Gainesville.  Not too many takers with the recent weather patterns.


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