Uber, the Second Night

I did a total of two more rides last night. The first was very uneventful… a nice girl needed a ride home from work, and she pinged in as I was driving home from work.

Quick explanation  on how it works… as an Uber partner, you sign in to the Partners application on your smartphone when you are ready to start driving. When someone requests a ride, your phone beeps and allows you to click and accept. You can always ignore it, but you shouldn’t  sign on u til you are ready to accept requests, and you should pick them up as often as you can.

Anyway, the first ride was short, under 2 miles, for a very nice girl who uses Uber on a regular basis. Adam has driven her before.

After that ride, I  met up with Adam and we went to have dinner. And I think I am done with curry. Side note: why in their right minds would a Cuban bakery use curry on their chicken and seitan? Blechh.

After dinner and the recovery therefrom, I did a second Uber trip at about 1 am… this time a nice group of students for a trip of about 5 miles. The newsworthy part of the trip had nothing to do with my passengers…

We were at a traffic light next to two motor cycles who kept revving their engines. When the light turned green, one of them tried to pop a wheelie and fell of his bike.

I swear my heart stopped. I rolled down the window and asked if he was okay. He stood up and said he was fine. I’m  sure  he is feeling it today.

My back hurts. Sympathy pain? Who knows.

Drive safe, folks.



7 thoughts on “Uber, the Second Night

  1. One time my boys and their friends used Uber and the lady had beverages and cookies for them. How nice is that? I always wondered what it would be like to drive for Uber. I bet you meet some interesting people.

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