Uber… the first two rides

I drove around WAY too much, first of all, trying to decide where to go.

I went to the airport area too soon… the flights were delayed. So I drove downtown and drove two very lovely but extremely intoxicated  young ladies to the apartment of the one who got sick before getting in my van… the one who could actually remember her address. The other one was too confused.

There was that awkward moment of worrying that neither would remember the address… that I would be stuck with two passengers riding all over Gainesville until one of them sobered up.

My second ride was a nice gentleman who arrived at the airport hours after his flight was due… delays from Atlanta…

He lost 50 pounds by cutting junk out of his diet.

The security guy at the airport is under the mistaken impression that Uber can only drop off people at the airport, not pick up. Wrong, per the city counsel meeting Friday.

I am downtown again, waiting to see if anyone else forgot to designate a driver. :- D

Also, I saw some pretty nifty cars tonight… a purple jacked up convertible, a rather odd truck, and an older muscle car that decided to burn rubber driving down University  Avenue.

Fun times.


4 thoughts on “Uber… the first two rides

  1. Sounds like an interesting first night. 50 pounds from cutting junk, I don’t doubt it. I’ve dropped about 50 just from getting rid of soda and non-natural drinks. Wasn’t even trying to be healthy, just got tired of how crappy I felt and somebody I know suggested that the soda could be why,

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