Behind the Times

Where does time go, anyway? I’ve just realized that it’s Saturday, and I haven’t blogged in three whole days. Jeesh.

Where does it go? Work. Homework. School work. Programming. Writing Code for Web Authoring. Walking the damn doggy so he doesn’t crap on the living room floor. And now, add Driving for Uber into the mix, because I will be doing that tonight, as well. I need money

It’s funny – I used to drive a bunch of drunk college kids home back in my college days – I drove around in a tan ToyoWagon Toyota Van. Now I may be driving drunk college kids home for money. I’ve always joked about being a chauffeur.

I WILL write another entry for Lost and Found, but it may not happen until after I take the next Programming quiz.

I’ve learned how to embed video into web pages. Yeah, yeah, I know, I’ve been embedding Youtube videos left and right on WordPress… But NOW, I can embed videos WITHOUT Youtube! Woo hoo. Why doesn’t that feel like an accomplishment?

I think my videos, audios and all that other stuff is breaking the internet. (Or at least the college server.) This isn’t good… I’m trying to load said videos/audios into the school server. I really think there is something to be said for Youtube.


7 thoughts on “Behind the Times

  1. “Why doesn’t that feel like an accomplishment?”

    You’re just in a busy part of your life. it’s awesome you can do that. I can’t do that. a fair number of people that I know can’t do that. But you can do that. awesome.

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    1. I think I’ve accomplished nothing because using HTML5 is more complicated and less effective than just embedding from Youtube. However, I need to demonstrate that I can use HTML5 to embed a video. The problem? My video is too big to upload to the server. Funny, didn’t have that problem with Youtube…

      Spinning circles getting nowhere… I don’t think I’ll be driving the drunk bus tonight… 😉

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