Weird Wednesday, 80s Edition!

Just as I was thinking “What should I feature for ‘Weird Wednesday’ this week?” a friend of mine posted an aerobics video:

Wow, it brought back some funny memories. The first was an aerobics class I suffered through with my friend Amy at Florida State University in our sophomore year of college.

I think I just had a flashback. The fit but walleyed instructor, dressed much like the men in the video above, yelling at us to keep doing more sit-ups after we all hopped around to this:

I swear, that was one of the songs he used each and every week.

That was technically 1991 or 1992, not “the eighties,” but it was just as the Seattle Grunge scene really took over and gave the decade its own identity.

Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons… Do yourself a favor and google image search “80s aerobics.”

Or you can watch this video:

When I reposted that first video on Facebook, one of my friends asked where Suzanne Somers was. My response? If she wasn’t tangled up in her thighmaster, she was probably too busy making that Totally Minnie video:

Which brings me to “Dancing Kim” and her series of how-to videos:

Yeah. It’s totally rad. Totally.

I’m just happy to say I never made my bangs stand straight up with hairspray. Yeah, I made the regrettable “get a spiral perm” decision just before my senior year of high school, but everyone makes mistakes. Live and learn.

(My hair is naturally curly to begin with… what the HELL was I thinking?!)

Girl carrying trumpet case across the grass
Me at about age 15… See? No big hair. This was a couple of years before the bad-hair decision…
Curly hair
Me after a haircut that left me looking like I had a perm, circa 2011…

So, yeah… I’ve always bucked the trend thing. There are no videos of me wearing a leotard, tights, and a sweatband in my hair.  But somewhere, in my parents’ house, there is a photograph of my high school self wearing a skirt hanger in my hair, because I was being a wise ass and making fun of the kids who wore hair picks (and other bizarre fashion trends) to school. Come to think of it, it had a bit of a Chrissy Hines from Three’s Company (Again with Suzanne Somers) look about it… If my mother ever finds it, I promise, I WILL post it!

Enjoy the weird. Peace out!


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