“Sunday Coffee on my Time…”

I know, the weekend was over yesterday for most of the world, but in the world of police dispatching, my second day off was today, so it’s Sunday for me. And, since I’m not a church-goer, which day is which hardly matters.

So how did I spend my weekend? Yesterday I did some shopping so that Adam and I would have something to eat, since the locusts cleared us out before leaving. 😉 We also enjoyed a meal together at Reggae Shack, I spent some time reading in preparation for the Programming Project Due Wednesday, and we stayed up really, really late watching stuff like Bill Maher. Adam did some Uber driving while I did the reading and played stupid little Facebook games.

Today was mostly spent working on the aforementioned project, though I did a little more shopping, ran a financial-aid errand with Adam, and watched Mississippi Burning for the first time. (How did I miss that before?) I must say that while the current racial situation in America is not as overt, I do believe many of the problems still have a tendency to exist even in our “more civilized” day and age… I believe certain politicians are trying to gerrymander to deny minorities of their voting power, and I believe that skin color can still determine someone’s access to the justice system. That, and poverty.

I suppose I’m becoming more of a Democratic Socialist every day. That may not be a popular thing to admit, any more than admitting that yes, I am a feminist, and that I haven’t shaved my arm pits in over a year. (Gasp!) That last statement, which will no doubt shock and disgust many, has nothing whatsoever to do with my being a feminist, however. In fact, it is actually anti -feminist of me, because the love of my life, my husband, asked me to stop shaving. There, now I’ve gone and confessed one of my darker secrets. Sorry if that was TMI for some folks… Yes, it bothered me at first, but I’ve gotten used to the state of my pits, and frankly, I’m happy to say my skin is better for not shaving, and I no longer get ingrown hairs.

On a side note, I managed to break our lawnmower about halfway through mowing the lawn yesterday, and now we’re back to using the manual (not gas-powered) hand-pushed mower. Some of my more granola choices are born of necessity rather than environmental consciousness, but I suppose the earth is a little bit happier for my slightly smaller carbon-footprint.

And now? I have a headache. I don’t know if it was the 102 degree heat, the taxing of my brain to write my first ever “looping” computer program (that also had to utilize an external text file) or if it was just a result of a combination of everything. All in all, though, it’s been a pretty good day. And hey, I had the time to practice the piano for a while.

Closeup of piano keyboard
A close up of my new piano

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