Fiction Friday – Lost and Found 11

Fiction Friday again… Yes, I know, I’ve missed quite a few weeks, haven’t I?

Here was the last one… and the first one

And to anyone new who may be reading this… The story was just supposed to be that very first week, a very short story with the catch at the end, inspired because someone turned in an iPhone at work that day, and I watched the work study answer the phone when it rang, to try to find a way to let the owner know we had the phone. (We do that… we get lots of phones and other items back to their owners here at the station.) It made me think, “What, by some weird coincidence, she knew the person who was calling the owner of the phone?” From there, the idea. So here we are, about eleven entries in on the story, and while I have an idea of where I want this thing to go, there is no real end in sight. Sigh.

My apology for the weeks I haven’t added… I’m really making this stuff up as I go along. I wonder how Charles Dickens managed to write his serial stories? Did he know when he started where he wanted it to go, or like me, did he just let it kind of happen week by week? Are any of you out there literary historians who may have an answer?

Without further ado, back to the world of Janeen, Rob, Susie, Jake, Hector, and yes, even Jimmy the creepy security guard…

Oh yeah, and language warning. Not suitable for kids, and all that kind of thing.


Janeen stared at the screen. Things were not quite going as she had planned. Apparently Susie was not the clingy type, but Rob was having regrets about calling things off.

“I think I made a mistake,” she read. “Can we talk? I really want to see you.”

“I don’t think that would be wise,” Susie had replied.

So Rob would have to be the one to get all obsessed. Not Susie. Which meant she didn’t have to keep pretending to want to fuck him. Which was good, because honestly, it was getting old.

Janeen wondered what Susie’s husband would think of the whole affair. She was glad she’d had the foresight to jot the number down while the phone was in her possession.

What sort of man was “Mr. Susie?” Was he the jealous type? Would he get violent? Would he even believe her without proof?

Maybe she should take Rob’s secret phone. It might be wise to have proof on hand when dealing with the husband of the other woman.

She reached into her bag and ran her fingers over the envelope that had arrived in the mail three days ago, feeling that warm and fuzzy feeling again. The letter confirmed the life insurance policy she had taken on both Rob and herself. It was better that way. Taking one out just for Rob might raise some red flags, but doing it for both of them? It made perfect sense to want to make sure her little girls were taken care of if one or both of them were to die.

Naturally, the policies did not include suicide. And of course, she couldn’t inherit if she killed Rob. But if a jealous husband of the woman he was fucking lost control in a crime of passion? Well, that would be beyond Janeen, now wouldn’t it?

She shouldn’t be the one to tell Mr. Susie, though. Someone else should do that.

“He sent another text,” Susie said. “He says he made a mistake, and wants to see me again.”

“You should see him again,” Jake replied. “But make him beg first.”

“I don’t understand any of this. How did you know he’d want to start things up again?”

“We go back a bit.”

Jake was an enigma. In the three years she had known him, Susie still couldn’t figure him out. Marrying him had been the strangest thing she’d ever done in her life. He seemed to care about her in his own fashion, but sometimes their union felt like more of a business arrangement than a relationship.

Well, if Jake wanted her to meet up with Rodger again, she would meet up with Rodger again. Jake always made it worth her while, and it wasn’t as though Rodger was repulsive or anything. He was just a typical jerk who cheated on his wife.

Susie had gone through his wallet one night, while he was asleep, curious. She had felt a pang when she looked at the photos – Rodger’s wife and little girls. She had wondered what his wife was like. She was beautiful, but there was something cold about her eyes.

Part 12


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