In-laws, Out-laws, By-laws, and weird moments

My ex-father-in-law (my children’s paternal grandfather) passed away recently, and they had him cremated, but are planning the military funeral. My kids are scheduled to visit their father for the summer anyway, and they will be leaving Saturday evening. In the series of email messages with my ex, trying to coordinate packing, etc., I mentioned that I had not yet had the opportunity to buy shoes for the boys, who only own sneakers at this point. (They have dress shirts and slacks, but have outgrown the shoes they used to wear.)

This line, written in such a matter-of-fact way:

“We can look for shoes when they get here, or if anyone wears a size 10-1/2 or 11, they can inherit one of the almost-new pairs my dad had that my mom is giving away. ”

For some reason, it hit me, where it hadn’t yet. Somehow, the thought of (probably my oldest… my youngest is in a size 8) wearing the shoes of the grandfather they are going to mourn made me burst out in tears. And laughter. All at the same time.

He was a good man, who had a pretty good sense of humor. He will be missed by many.

Man holding a baby
“Tom” with my youngest son. I don’t remember if I took this photo, or if John did…

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