Random thoughts and Weird Wednesday

I have a headache. It’s been one of those weeks where it feels as though every step forward is followed by a step backward. Adam found not one, but two really great merchandising jobs, but when he went to do an Uber run Sunday night, he tripped on a root, fell, and hurt his right leg pretty bad.

But I’m not posting to complain. (We have an ongoing joke that I never complain, but seriously, I’m NOT complaining right now…)

I realize I’ve been out of the loop quite a bit lately, but much of that has to do with what I’m going to refer to as “personal development” stuff. I’ve been trying to work through some InDesign stuff to add some more print materials to my personal portfolio, because there are some more possibilities in that field, but the one that came most recently would like to see more experience in printed materials… they did like my web experience, but they need more print.

While I can work through and figure things out, I do not find Adobe Creative Suite to be “user friendly.” I LOVE what it can do, but it’s not easy to do those wonderful things, and I’m working on a trial edition, which has been difficult to load, and “cranky” about opening. It’s kind of like Apple vs. PC. The Apple is a thing of beauty that can do so many wonderful things, but when you know how to work PC (or Android, for that matter) the claims that Apple is “easier” don’t fly. Worth learning? Yes. I’m sure it is, and I will learn, given time.

I’ve been working hard at the Web Authoring 2 and Programming classes. For my first programming project, I messed up and created too many lines in the program (address display… I somehow thought it was 4 lines minimum, not 4 lines period, so I lost points!) and I’ve been trying to bring that grade up to an A. I’ve been getting progressively better, and I haven’t hurt anyone… yet. (There was a bit of shouting involved with the last project, I’m not going to lie… But I made a perfect score.)

So here’s the “Weird Wednesday” part. A few links for your viewing pleasure…

We’ll start with “The 27 Creepiest Things on Google Maps.” Pentagrams honestly don’t bother me, but people wearing weird masks and people whose knees bend backward do.

I love looking at photos of abandoned places. So while Google searching for some sites to share, I stumbled upon this: Newnansville, Florida. I suspect this is going to lead to a photo session on my part some time in the near future, as it is actually not far from me!

There are some bizarre gems in this Essential Guide to Waking Nightmares. The trees are my favorite photos on that site.

Abandoned Amusement Parks are always fun… Maybe it’s the roots to carnivals, like the one in Something Wicked This Way Comes that get me.

But by far, I think the thing that creeps me out more than anything are photos of abandoned hospitals. Especially Mental Facilities

Hope you all enjoy the bit o’creepy.

Scary Clown, black and white
That never ends well for the person in the trunk.

2 thoughts on “Random thoughts and Weird Wednesday

  1. Nice. So-called “Abandonment Porn” is a particular obsession of mine.

    I’m driving back to my home-town for my high school reunion this July, and I’ll be staying with friends in PA to break the drive in half. I’ll be stopping, hopefully, to see Centralia, PA. If you’ve never heard of it, you aren’t alone. I actually hadn’t heard of it until recently, but if you google it, it’s an interesting story.

    TBH, one of the dreams for me is to go to explore Pripyat.

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    1. Fun! I’m going to have to google Centralia now.

      I don’t know if you remember, but my father used to work at a Nuclear plant in Crystal River before he retired. The plant has since been closed… I remember when my parents were house-hunting, my mother saw a house in Yankeetown that she liked, but it was priced very high. Her comment was that it would only take one unplanned incident of the sirens on the street sounding to drastically lower the house values. I’m pretty sure with the closing of the plant, house values in that area were drastically lowered anyway… Especially since it closed because there was a crack in the cooling tank or some other structural problem. (It happened after my father left!)


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