Weekend Java would have been JavaScript…

My “Saturday” (Sunday for the rest of the world) was spent in large part doing Web Authoring homework. We’re starting JavaScript.

But the big news? My piano is here. It arrived TODAY.

Wood piano with a black bench
Bad lighting, not the best photo…

William already asked if we could paint it, before it even arrived. Because it is rather worn looking (at least up close!) I may try to refinish it. So far, I’ve just given it a good coating of Pledge, and played it for a while. It does need to be tuned (especially after being carted across town!) but it’s not too bad… The F key (notated on the middle line of the bass clef) sticks just a little (as though the pedal was being held down) and the lowest A through C have a bit of a metallic sound to them, but all in all, it’s a functional little piano, and worth more than the $26.50 (including tax) I paid for it. One of my coworkers from moving was kind enough to move it.

He had a nifty tool, too – these crank lifter wheel things that he convinced the college to buy for moving the big filing cabinet safes that way over 1,000 pounds. I want a set! (Not really… but I would if I were in the moving business…)


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