How to Build an Evaporative Cooler

A friend of mine had this in her Pinterest Board “Zombie Apocalypse Survival.”

In case you’re interested in following.

I don’t know if any of you have ever read the “Life As We Knew It” books, (fun fiction that will make you start hoarding canned goods!) but from time to time, I start thinking about what I would do in a disaster. I’m not worried about zombies, but there are plenty of other reasons to be prepared.

Robot Fun

Portable Swamp Cooler. Click for larger image.

How to build a low-cost 12 volt evaporative cooler.  My husband and I built two swamp coolers that we use to air condition our tent when we camp in hot, dry weather at Burning Man.  These compact units blow cool air like an air conditioner, but they use just water for evaporation instead of using a compressor or toxic Freon. There are two great designs on the internet for making evaporative coolers for camping.  This blog post enhances one of those designs by providing lots of detail on sourcing parts, comparing options for parts, and a variety of power options.  We built ours for under $40 each and they worked great for cooling a tent and letting us nap in the Nevada desert.  After building one, we hosted a workshop where we helped neighbors build 5 coolers, which let us buy parts in batches…

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