Weird Wednesday isn’t very Weird today…

Girl dressed like Wednesday Addams, holding iguana puppet
My daughter dressed up like Wednesday Addams

I suppose it’s all that working on HOMEWORK that is dragging me down in the blogging world. I am taking a computer programming class, and frankly, this is probably the most difficult class I’ve taken in years. I thought the Web Authoring and Graphics Applications classes were bad…

Today’s assignment was to create a program (in C++) that takes a number (input by the user) and displays which of a set of substances freezes or boils at that point. It took me FOREVER, but I think I finally succeeded in doing the requested things that I needed to do to make it work, although I could probably have done it better if I weren’t pushing against time crunches.

I was, though. I didn’t start the project until the wee hours of this morning, because I was still reading and making sure I comprehended the reading for the same class up until that point. There was a test last weekend, and the 80 or so pages I had to read after that test were very dense and involved a lot of deciphering. I don’t love Pearson Labs and publishing for the text book we have for this class…

That, and a very weird online job interview for something I’m highly sure is fraudulent were the highlights of my day today.

That said, I’m going to give you two links to my daughter’s creations. I shared a link to a site called “Corgi Orgy,” and she found a place where she could create her own bizarre stuff there.

Do you like Spiderman? Check out a whole lot of “Spidey.”

Or there is this awkward moment.

Yeah. Okay then. That kind of reminds me of:

And while we’re on Weird Wednesday, I’d like to share a promo for a video game that has overtaken my house… “Goat Simulator.” If you buy it, make sure you find the feature where you can sacrifice humans to Satan to become a demon goat. Or not. You can also just become a space goat…

That’s it. I’m out of stuff today. I’m so hungry I could eat a shirt…

Baby pygmy goat
Baby Goat

5 thoughts on “Weird Wednesday isn’t very Weird today…

  1. C++ was a pain for me, but I ended up with an A – so I couldn’t complain, that and Visual Basic were the only real programming classes I took. Guy had us make a CD player that would let us listen to the CD Rom drive. I’m glad your class isn’t breaking you.

    Wow, just saying things like CD Rom sounds weird in 2015…..

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