No Sunday Coffee?

I meant to do the weekend coffee thing, but it simply didn’t happen. I’m actually on my “Saturday night” even though it’s Sunday, and working 3 pm-11 pm has my internal clock shifted right back to “Night Owl Mode.”

Water color owl with full moon in background
An illustration I made circa 2011

Then there was the whole “I’m not sure I’m getting this” freak out earlier today over the programming stuff before I took the programming test. Meh. Got an 84… This may be the class that breaks my “Straight A’s at Santa Fe” streak at this rate… I’m going to have to really buckle down, watch videos, and try to understand the disorganized Pearson text.

After taking that test, I spent a good chunk of my early evening (because I woke up late… Thanks again for that shift, work!) piling many, MANY books to donate. I love books, but I have to get rid of some stuff to make room for that new-to-me-piano that will be coming my way as soon as I can get the whole moving it thing arranged. Many of the books I’m donating are music books, ironically enough.

I had so many that the nice, solid wood book shelf (tall, narrow) on which they were resting was starting to have issues. I had to pull down two shelves full of books because the shelves were collapsing. Long story short: cleared out a bunch of DVDs from a different book shelf the other day, moved yet another book shelf to my daughter’s room after donating many of THOSE books, (she had too many books for the little shelf in her room, and there were many, many books piled on her floor.) and she took some of the living room books to her shelf, which she has organized. She was thrilled to receive the Sweet Valley High collection, and is anticipating hours of reading “so bad it’s funny” novels. She should have a fair collection of reading material for the summer. Also, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare now adorns her shelf, which is fitting for my little theater monkey.

I also dumped the futon chair, which had become a repository for dirty dishes and loose pieces of cereal. It’s been broken for a while, propped up by the wall, and growing less comfortable as my little heathens thoroughly trashed it. The futon couch was not much better, but I’m not getting rid of that until I have something with which to replace it.

I’m determined that I WILL get this house clean and decluttered. I need to take full advantage of the absence of kids starting in a couple of weeks. They are going up to New York for a good chunk of the summer. Not only do I want to get rid of stuff to have a bit more breathing room, I want to be prepared in the event that we end up having to move at the end of this lease. Last time around, the move caught me off guard, and I have never done such a bad job at managing a move. There is nothing so horrible as having to figure out what to do with everything you never realized you didn’t need WHILE moving it all over the course of a few days.

Tomorrow is going to be another busy day. I’m hoping to be able to get that piano to my house with the help of someone from work. But before that happens, I will be going down to the Social Security office to get my information updated. That won’t be a long wait or anything, I’m sure… Then there will be a trip to the DMV, and I’d like to clear out the donation items that are sitting on the dining room table, as well as clearing out some old electronics that we haven’t been using.

Why am I going to the SS and DMV tomorrow, you ask? Well… I got married last month. Adam and I were married on a Wednesday afternoon, a justice of the peace affair. It was very low-key. We both wanted it that way. For him, the reason was that he didn’t want any of our relatives to feel like they should spend any kind of money on the celebration, and on my part, I just didn’t see a point in going through the weird rite-of-passage stuff that accompanies weddings. Been there, done that, don’t need the t-shirt. It really changed nothing, anyway… we were together before, we’re still together.

I have to share a video before I sign off. My daughter posted it on Facebook, and it’s too good not to share.

While I realize it could have been part of Weird Wednesday, I’m not feeling patient, and I’ve been all mixed up in my days anyway. Hope you all enjoy, and consider it a preview of some things to come.


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