Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Today’s theme is “Almost.”

As soon as I read that, I thought of a poem I wrote back when I was in college, back when I was writing (or attempting to write) poetry on a regular basis. I wrote it in a fancy book that I wrote most of my poetry in, a pretty faux leather book with gold accents. I now have a Kindle cover somewhere that looks a bit like that poetry book.

The poem was about someone I once thought was significant in my life, and I suppose he was – as a sort of catalyst, though… Not as someone I would spend more than about half a year going back and forth in a dysfunctional non-relationship with.

I attempted to translate that stupid poem into Russian, but it was lost in translation, somehow. So I didn’t wow my Russian teacher that summer with my Pushkin-like talent.

Almost could be the story of my life, though. So close to so many things, but never quite attaining them.


One thought on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday

  1. I think we all secretly go through that. There are so many things I could probably have done well at, if I hadn’t puttered around wasting time. But here is a thought, maybe there is something out there we are destined to be amazing at, and we just haven’t reached that point yet (but we will eventually).

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