Fiction Friday – Lost and Found Part 10

I’ve abandoned the characters long enough… the links to the previous posts can be found here…

Or not… I will probably have to go back and fix the link. That’s the problem with writing posts from my cell phone…

I just hope I  remember enough not to be glaringly inconsistent.

Oh… and so you know… I had to write the damn thing twice because the first edition was erased by said cell phone before I could enter it. Sigh.


“I’m paying, “Janeen said rather uncharacteristically.

“No, I’ve got it,” Hector insisted.

“No, I insist.” Janeen rarely ever offered to pay, and never did so without an ulterior motive. Hector had already done her an enormous favor, and she knew he might be of further use.

“It would be unchivalrous of me to let a fair lady like yourself get the bill,” Hector said. Secretly, he felt it would seem more like an actual date if he picked up the check.

Janeen wiped an imaginary tear from her cheek.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” she said softly.

“I can see something is bothering you…”

Janeen waited a moment before answering.

“It’s just… you’re so sweet. I’m not used to that.”

“How could anyone not be sweet to you?”

“I’m just not a very good person. Rob…” She went silent again,  looking down at the table for effect.

“Rob doesn’t deserve you!”

“I’m not a good wife,” Janeen admitted. “I just don’t know how to make him happy.  He’s always annoyed or angry.”

“What the hell is wrong with him? How can he not realize how lucky he is?”

Janeen just looked down, waiting.

“Has he ever… hit you?”

Janeen paused for a calculated moment before answering.

“He… no… he hasn’t hit me…” she answered at last, knowing she wasn’t very convincing. This was too easy. “I think… I think he’s cheating.”

Hector’s face reddened.

“That bastard! I could kill him!”

Janeen bit the inside of her cheeks, holding back a smile.

Part 11


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