Fiction Friday – Short

Keeping this one short and sweet.

Once Upon a Time
It’s Fiction Friday!

Susanna had no idea that Angelique was on to her. It really didn’t take much to see the writing on the wall…

The schedule said it all.

“We need you to be a team player, Angie. We’re sorry that the buses don’t run at those times. You’ll just have to think of alternative transportation.”

Then there was the line: “Other people have more seniority.”

Was that why the temp who just started had the shift she needed two days of the week?

What about that career development program Susanna had asked Angie to attend? Did she think Angie wouldn’t notice that it never panned out, but that the temp was being sent to learn after Angie had expressed interest?

The writing was on the wall.

No more nonsense. No more lies. No more talk. Time to act.


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