Random thoughts

It’s been a pretty good day so far. The worst thing to happen so far is learning I made a “B” on the first Computer Programming project. First world problems, eh?

I placed a bid that is not likely to win on a surplus sale piano that I did not even have the opportunity to view. I bid pretty low because I’m not sure if I want to win it. If I win it, I have to pay someone to move it to my house, which will be considerably more than the piano itself cost. But a piano is a piano, and I no longer have mine. It was a casualty of my great escape from New York in 2012. While I have a little keyboard that doesn’t even have a stand, I really do miss being able to play a piano with the full 88 keys, with the weighted response that no electronic piano has ever seemed to have. There is something magical about pushing down on a key and having the little hammer inside the instrument strike a string to make a sound.

With the bid I placed, I know better than to get my hopes up. I’m considering the auction something of a raffle – I won’t get lucky if I don’t bid, but I’m not likely to win the piano, or the other items on which I placed bids this morning.

I’m not usually lucky, at least when it comes to material winnings. My mother gave me some scratch off lottery tickets about a week ago. Everyone else in the family had won at least a few dollars. The most I’ve ever won in playing the lottery is almost enough to break even on the money spent buying tickets. The tickets my mother gave me were no exception. Nada.

But she also gave me a Dollar Tree copy of Sweet Valley Confidential. While every other page does not describe the twins as blonde haired, lavalier-wearing sun-kissed California goddesses like the original Sweet Valley High books did, it still has echoes of the series that was my guilty mindless pleasure in 7th and 8th grade. (When I wasn’t giggling over Lanie’s research paper on HIV/AIDS and The Good Earth, that is.)

I may not win money very often, and I may have my share of financial struggles and struggles in general, but I really did win the “Family lottery.” My parents have always been the sort of people who give of themselves not only in material ways, but in time, love, and energy.

To cap off my evening, I’ve been listening to the sound of thunder promising an incoming storm that will hopefully bring down the heat and humidity when it hits. My daughter has made a pound cake out of just about every egg and probably most of the milk in the house, and it may or may not be edible.

And I keep seeing adorable squirrels everywhere.

Squirrel eating an acorn
Happy Little Squirrels on the other side of the window

No doubt tomorrow will bring a ton of crazy horrible challenges, but for now, I am going to enjoy this moment.


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