Twelve hour shifts, black pants and Uber

I am sitting in the band concert, where I was able to see and hear all three of my son’s numbers. And thanks to Uber, he was able to make it to the concert, though he was running a bit late.

First of all, Adam got caught in traffic after working in Ocala. Bad. William called me about 25 minutes before he was supposed to be at the school,  which is about two miles from the house. Adam was at least 40 minutes away. I was stuck at work until the concert was scheduled to start.

Plus, his black dress pants were nowhere to be found…

So, from my Galaxy S4, I managed to talk the kids through a solution. Not a great one, but he made it… dressed in his older sister’s black pants, and my old work shoes. But hey, he’s in the back hiding in the trombone section…

Uber got him and his older sister safely there in about 15-20 minutes. And I was able to watch their progress from my phone. And it was free, because I used a promotional code from Adam, who gets a $5 kickback.

It would have cost $8.55 without the code. Not bad for crisis aversion.

The link:
Hey, Uber’s offering new drivers up to $100 to get started. Sign up and learn more here:

They do stringent background checks on all of their drivers.


And I really, really need an 8-5 job.


5 thoughts on “Twelve hour shifts, black pants and Uber

    1. Thanks. They hired someone else for the one I really wanted – before I could even meet with the agent. That said, I would be good with just about any “standard work week” job just about now… even if it meant a pay cut.

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  1. I’ve never met any Uber customers who were not completely happy. It’s actually got me considering getting a 4 door car. My old director in Arlington, MA swears by them, saves a lot of money using them over cabs. The service is better too.

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    1. If you do it, using that code to sign up would get you a nice bonus as well. Adam has really enjoyed it for the most part… except the occasional spoiled fraternity brat when he’s worked the overnight weekends. One time, some little jerk kept ordering and cancelling to bring the price down. The third or fourth time he did it, Adam cancelled him with no charge. Adam was the only driver working, and the guy wound up having to get a cab at probably double the cost of the original Uber fee. Adam said it was the best money he never made. 🙂


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