Sure, it’s just a matter of time before things get crazy again, but for now, I am thoroughly enjoying a moment of peace. Yes, at work no less…

While it is a bit too hot this week, even for me, I love summer. Even with a crazy work and school schedule, and with the three kids winding down their school year, summer (in Florida… where summer begins in early May and ends in early October) just has such a laid-back feeling.

As a kid, the start of summer was always so perfect. Endless days of swimming and riding bikes all over the neighborhood, dropping by at other kids’ houses to see if they are doing anything interesting… it was only after the first month or so that the days seemed to drag and we ran out of things to do.

There were visits to grandparents’ houses, and maybe a vacation to the Smokey Mountains if we were lucky.

The library was a refuge of cool air and quiet places when all else failed. And BOOKS! Nothing beat curling up on a stormy day and reading of far away places and people.

I grew up in the time before video games. Now, I am lucky if I come home from work and don’t find my room taken over by three boys playing Xbox games. (One of those “boys” is 36 years old…)

No, that is not a complaint.  It’s cool to see them all having fun together.

Now, if I could just get them all to go with me to the park…



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