Never a dull moment…

I’m going to visit my parents and grandmother for Mother’s Day, AFTER I get Adam somewhat settled because they are admitting him for a day or two at Shands… the lovely (sarcasm) family doctor put him on just about the worst type of anti-anxiety meds… the kind that, stopped cold-turkey, can kill you. Then he got mad because Adam had the audacity to question him about his mother’s meds (after a conversation with her pharmacist,  who felt her meds were dangerous) and Dr. Demento stopped prescribing the meds, cold turkey. 

He is in withdrawal,  after trying to ween himself down from what was left after being prescribed a day or two. He has his next psych appointment on May 26. Nobody could see him sooner. His new PCP, who is wonderful,  won’t prescribe the stuff. So… two days at Shands. Woo hoo.

And when his phone has charged a bit (in his car, where I sit in the ER parking lot…) I will be heading out to my parents’ house.

It’s always something.



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