Project time

Sisyphus rolling a boulder up the hill with a giant turtle
Design Logo that doesn’t seem to appear…

I took some of my old Theater project code and re-purposed some of it to design a quickie website. It’s four pages. I still need to work on some of the CSS to make it more mobile-friendly, but for now, I have a sample site.

Unfortunately, even though it worked in all three browsers while I was designing the page, and the CSS Validator said it was all good, as soon as I uploaded to the hosting site, the Logo disappeared. Boo. I will work on that also, but for now, I’m through driving everyone around me insane with my obsessive need to complete things.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

It’s nowhere near the level of complicated stuff I had on the Theater website, but it’s something, at least… And the photographs are all my own.


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