Every day I learn something new!

I am in the process of following through on my Sunday project of going for a job that would allow me to do something I love while improving upon my existing skills… IF the company in question is okay with someone who doesn’t have any certificates, and who has mostly done stuff for school work and my own amusement up to this point. By the end of the summer, I should be able to earn Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 Specialist Certification through the Web Authoring 2 class I will be taking.

But going over the job specifications, they listed something I haven’t used yet, that I am now in the process of learning as well as I can: PHP for WordPress. Go figure – here I am using WordPress almost every day, and I didn’t delve into the source code yet to see what is in my posts. Rest assured, I will be doing so now! And working my way through some tutorials. So you may see some experimental changes in my blog in the coming week or two.

As for the position, I am meeting with someone on Friday to discuss that and other possibilities. I have to learn more, and find out if I am a match for this position or possibly others. I have some pretty valuable skills already, but anything I can do to tip the balance in my favor would be good.

I loved the Web Authoring 1 class, and the Graphics Applications class. I liked the Microsoft Office class, which took my abilities in those products to a new level. I gain satisfaction in playing with photos and designs. I drove my family nuts fall semester, because I was constantly online tweaking things…

This color could be a little brighter. I’m not sure about that background image… let me play with this thing and see if I can come up with something a little better… Blur it a bit more… take the saturation down/bring the saturation up… Crop it so that it is off-center. Try a different font. Wait, I’m still on the fence about that color… What if I went in a totally different direction and went with pink? Do I like that border, or should I round the edges? Should that be a bit more transparent? Can I play with the shadows to make the spider look like it is on the webpage itself?

Coffee Shop Webpage Mock-up
My Midterm project in Graphics Applications. We were given the photos…

I designed a pretty damned good web page (10 pages in all – we had to do at least four, but I needed to make more) for a Flamenco Theater company. My sister is a member there, and was keeping up with their web pages, and thought it would be a good project. The only problem? They had a gorgeous website already, that could have just been tweaked a little. But it was my final project, so I had to design something different. In the end, I loved what I created, my sister loved what I created, my professor and other students in the class loved what I created, but the owner of the theater? She had the website she already wanted. Don’t fix what isn’t broken…

One thing I haven’t done but should do is create the pages that correspond with my Photoshop Mock-up on another project. So that will probably be my next “project” so that I have something else I can show any potential employers in the future. However, that will take a back seat to the “learn a bit about PHP” thing.

Mock-up Design for web book
The Index Page Mock-up for Graphics Applications

4 thoughts on “Every day I learn something new!

  1. Great job! I took graphic design in college. Computer design was just starting when I was in my final year (3 year program) and so we did very little. I don’t even think Photoshop existed. About 6 months after I graduated, computer design exploded and I basically became obsolete. I did work in pre-press for a local newspaper and also for another company that made business cards. Neither job panned out. Now I put all my creative energy into writing. I wish you much luck with the job. I think you have a good shot at it.

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