Curtain Call

I watched the show in full three times, and watched most of the first act two additional times. Today is the final show for the high school’s Addams Family, and right about now they should be finishing the first act, getting ready for intermission.


My daughter had a silent role, but she had a blast. They have been working on the show all year, with crazy long rehearsals right before opening night. I remember those days from my own high school experience.  It takes over your life just a little bit.

When it ends, when they take the last bow, there will be mixed feelings… relief, pride, joy in a job well done… emptiness, a sense of loss that comes with suddenly not having rehearsals each and every night… a gap that can only be filled with the next production, even if that next production is something entirely unrelated to music, theater, or musical theater.

These are the happy days of school – the days filled with camaraderie and a sense of purpose. And as the show evaporates, it is all too easy to feel lost for a few minutes or hours or days.


But there is the cast party. And school. And that chorus concert or that art project… and of course, more shows.


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