Stream of Consciousness Saturday and some random thoughts

It’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday again. Today’s topic is “compliment/complement.” I will get to that in a bit, but I have random thoughts teeming in my head that must come out first. And of course, since I am at work, I am typing on my Galaxy again. Damn, I am getting good with thumb-typing.

I feel like I am reaching something of a crisis at work. I almost make enough to may most of my bills. Not quite,  though. I love the college. I love so many of the people. But I am not loving my schedule,  and switching to 8 hours will not make it all better, because I was given the impossible choice between evenings and overnights.

And by overnights, I mean overnight two days a week, and either days or evenings the other three… I chose evenings each day, but once again, my family gets the shaft.

I had the family friendly schedule for all of last summer – while the kids were away. It was supposed to continue through December, but that ended when we lost two dispatchers within a month. Eight months later, and the problem is not completely solved.

So… the compliment part. In the middle of an argument, Adam paid me a beautiful one. He is angry with me for selling myself short. The truth is, I am, too… but I am not yet in the position to “follow my passion.” He thinks I should be doing something with photography. I may be starting when I have the equipment…

I have many passions and many talents. One of my many interests is photography. And while there are people who are better than I am, I do have the ability to take some pretty good photos. So maybe, just maybe, moonlighting as a wedding photographer would not be out of the question,  should I develop said skills a bit.

There are so many talented photographers out there… so many pipe dreams… I am learning the skills to set up my own online presence… it’s so easy to fail…

I am far too good at talking myself out of things. What if, instead of doing that, I just give it a go?

Expenses of a camera… pawn shop? Paper, printers? Adobe photoshop? Is this really so far out there? Maybe.

What the hell. Why not? Maybe?


Photographing happy couples could be fun… but I’m going to need a better zoom lens.


4 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday and some random thoughts

  1. I believe fear is the biggest thing that keeps us from doing things we really want to do. It took me years to finally sit down and actually finish writing one of the many stories I started. 5 years later and my debut novel was published last month. I love everything about being an author. Sometimes I am still afraid, but I work at it every day. I am slowly building my author platform. It has been slow but worth it. Sometimes you just have to put your fears aside and just go for it. You’ll never know if you don’t try.

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  2. You should definitely give photography a whirl! It’s a party every work day! 😉 or so it seems… On an unrelated note… I can’t believe you typed this whole thing on your galaxy… My thumbs are about to fall off after typing this message

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