I’m slacking…

Yup. Between getting sick and having less access to computers, I am not writing something original each and every day. Boo me.

I sat down to work on Fiction Friday, but couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do. Lost and Found? I’m not sure where I want to go when I add to that. Ultimately I have ideas, but getting from point A to point B is difficult when one can’t decide upon where point A would be? It seems just a little pointless.

So, behind my schedule again… but all in all, I suppose it’s okay. After all, I didn’t exactly quit my day job.


Yesterday,  since we had an extra dispatcher and not too much going on, I helped man the 3pm graduation ceremony. I helped keep the gym safe from strollers and balloons. Yay me. The flowers were part of the graduation display. It was lovely.


3 thoughts on “I’m slacking…

  1. ooooooo, I’m glad there are people like you keeping them nasty balloons at bay. they have a voracious appetite for lil’ children in strollers. nice shot too.


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