Weird Wednesday – Weird stuff on the Web

Tonight, I’m going to send you on a scavenger hunt through some bizarre websites out there… There will be a quiz at the end. Just kidding, it’s all in good fun.

1. Find the dating site that caters to your specific whims or needs in this catalog.  Wait… what about Furries? They left out Furries. So, I suppose it’s up to be to give you a link

Girl in Cheshire Cat Costume
It’s the Cheshire Cat…

2. How fast can YOU pop bubbles?

I pop bubble wrap at 1.85 bubbles per second!

I popped 196 bubbles in 1 minute and 46.2 seconds
Can you beat my score?

Not a bad stress reliever, but it’s not the same as real bubble wrap.

3. If you’re a color fanatic, (and who isn’t?) you can see what color it is right now. The “Hex Clock” shows the Hex Code color that corresponds with the current time. Every second it changes.

4. Remember when Pac Man was cool? Have you ever played Pong? What about Space Invaders? Ever wonder what would happen if you combine all three? Wonder no more. Someone did.

5. My paternal grandmother, who traveled around the world, had a thing for Santa Claus. She collected Santas from around the world. Somehow, I doubt this was what she had in mind…


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