Still not quite right…

I have a theory that when you are under the weather, the stuff that sounds appealing is probably what your body needs. Therefore I am drinking something weird. (On weird Wednesday, no less…)

Ginger Kombucha bottle

It’s probably the only alcoholic beverage I can consume without incurring a horrible headache, because it only has trace amounts of alcohol.

My daughter is watching Heathers again. My oldest son is practicing Monti ‘s Czardas on the violin right now. I’m sure I spelled that wrong… and my youngest browned the ground beef for a variation of Shepherds Pie that will be dinner, along with some frozen home style macaroni and cheese.

Momma B's Mac and cheese box

My daughter got up and helped make the instant mashed potatoes for the main course… so it has been a group effort,  which is a weird thing in our house.

I woke up feeling okay this morning, but drained. I went back to bed for a while, then ran a bunch of errands and mowed the lawn, which made me overheat. I felt better after taking a bubble bath, but when I picked my daughter up from chorus class, the nausea hit again on the way home. It took a nap to get me back into sorts to pick up the stuff to make, and here we are…

Not the healthiest dinner we’ve had, but all things considered, not too bad. Plus it’s not restaurant food. I couldn’t take restaurant food today.

When dinner is finished, I am going to see if I can find something truly worthy of the title “Weird Wednesday.” Because kombucha and mashed potatoes aren’t weird enough.


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