Another one of those kinds of days…

12 hour shift + Jamaican restaurant smoothie + a coworker who had a stomach bug last week = I’m glad I had the sense not to eat a lot… and to chew what I did very well.

Strawberry coconut smoothie wasn’t anywhere near as bad as mashed cauliflower in the great stomach bug of 2007.

On a positive note – the stomach settled for the most part pretty quickly… after.

I’m glad tomorrow and Thursday are days off for me this week.

Good night.


7 thoughts on “Another one of those kinds of days…

    1. Wednesday – run errands/clean and Thursday – job hunt and go watch the play… again. Then a 3 day work-end… Next week my work schedule is weird. I’ll have Monday off, work 8 hours Tuesday and go to some weird team building training thing on Wednesday, normal 12 hour Thursday and then 3 days off.


      1. God, I love those team building exercises. Aren’t those fun??? I never knew what I’ve been missing all this time until I went to them. Yeh, I never realized what a non-team player I had been all this time. what was I thinking??? I must have lost my mind. I need more of those team building training thingees.

        can you pick up doughnuts? I’ll pay you back and share.

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      2. I would say no, except that there will be lots of law enforcement people around, so they may just bring donuts…

        Confession – I don’t always like donuts. I have to be in the mood for donuts. Same with bacon. Does that make me a freak?


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