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For some reason, reading today’s topic for Stream of Consciousness Saturday made me think of Heathers…

It’s kind of appropriate for this week, since they’ve made a Broadway musical out of it, and this week has been taken over by my daughter’s high school production of The Addams Family, another dark musical comedy. It also happens to be one of the shows I’ve seen on Broadway, with my daughter, for her fifth grade field trip. It was a departure from the many years the school watched Disney shows, and that was my fault, but I don’t really feel like getting into that right now.


Suffice it to say that it was a little risque for fifth grade, but the kids didn’t complain, and the chaperons were all hoping that at least a few of the jokes went over their heads…


Back to Heathers, though – so very. A movie about murder and mayhem disguised as suicide. Random thought I don’t like to visit, but it was also there on the back of the school Playbill – a dedication to a very talented young lady who was in tenth grade, who decided to end her life earlier this year.

When it happened, I couldn’t recall who she was, though apparently we were neighbors before we moved from our old apartment to our current house. Then my daughter reminded me of the Addams Family audition… Lydia was the girl who performed Special from Avenue Q. I say “performed” rather than sang… She had an amazing voice, but she was more than a pretty voice that day – she put on a show in that minute and a half.

So, at the end of this wonderful production, I looked at the back of the playbill and saw the dedication, and I teared up a bit.

I didn’t really know you, Lydia, and my daughter barely knew you, but you left your mark on many people.

So much talent, beauty, and a sense of life, and some of us never even knew you struggled with depression.

One more life lost for no purpose. One voice that should have been up on stage singing.

Funny that the two major shows they’ve done at the high school this year involved dead people. They did a “black and white” rendition of Night of the Living Dead around Halloween, and the musical was The Addams Family.

Characters from Night of the Living Dead
Night of the Living Dead…

While it is only a brief line in “Only for Now,” the closing song of Avenue Q, all of the shows in question touch on the topic of death.

The truth is, nobody gets out of here alive. We all have a limited amount of time on the planet, and we should spend that time living. Part of living is dying, but there is so much in between the times when we enter and exit.

So laugh in the dark. Smile. Cry when you feel moved. Love. Live passionately, and live well.

Morticia and Cousin Itt

The truth is, sometimes there really are monsters under the bed.

Puggsley, Morticia and IttBut the monsters make life more interesting.


2 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday – So Very..

  1. Life is for living. Death can wait. Well, that’s something I wished I’d known when I was a lot younger, but I guess it’s something I’ve had to arrive at the hard way. A lot of people do. Unfortunately, many of us don’t make it, and that truly is sad. It sounds like Lydia had not only talent but also spark.

    PS: Heathers is an awesome film that really genuinely had something to say. A rare thing indeed!

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