The Friday Edition of Weird Wednesday

Wow, I’m behind…

It may seem,  like I’m posting more often lately, but they have been staccato bursts rather than thought-induced (long winded?!) posts that require more effort and writing. I’ve been sharing some blogs that I’ve really enjoyed, that should spread like wildfire. It took me till the end of the day to read all the Earth Day posts, and I enjoyed each and every one of them.

So, why am I not posting as much? Because the inevitable happened… Big Brother noticed that many of us were using the computers at work to do things like check in on Facebook, blog (that was probably directed at me!) and watch Netflix, especially on the weekend when everything is dead, dead, dead.

Don’t get me wrong – I do work hard during the day. When I have a special project, I work like a dog and try to go above and beyond, to the point of wearing myself out. But I don’t always go asking for projects to do, because a twelve hour day with no breaks is a very long day, and when you’ve worked enough days where all hell breaks loose, sometimes you just want to enjoy the down time and let your brain rest a little, while not going to sleep entirely. That’s what games like Farm Heroes Saga are great for – keeping you alert enough, without distracting you from the next call that comes in. Blogging worked even better on the days when I started to get drowsy and fight off my narcolepsy.

But, I can’t do any of those things from the work computers, and they reminded us of that in a recent email, so now, when I post, or repost something from someone else, it is on my own Galaxy S4, or from my ancient Kindle Fire (with special offers, because I’m cheap!) and we all know how fun it is to try to peck out a sentence on a touch screen that keeps trying to fill in words for you.

So, while I posted an Earth Day post that I made the night before, I was working Wednesday and Thursday, and I was very busy for most of those two days. I thought I would come home and do some writing, but I had to take care of family stuff, and attend an amazing rendition of The Addams Family (I’m going again tonight, but couldn’t resist opening night!) and take the online test for my computer class that I’ve almost finished. At this point, as long as I get a 50 or better on the final, I’ll make an A in that class.

I have a few fiction ideas floating around in my head that I will try to get out later today, some time between taking the final online and watching night two… But for now? Weird Wednesday, two days removed…

Removed, you say? Someone needs to remove their pet before it hits an artery. I stumbled upon a article about a man who has a pet leech that is bigger than my dog. Naturally, he feeds it by hand… or arm, or whatever body part it can latch on to.

I don’t want a leech, thank you very much. I often like “unusual” or “weird” pets, but blood sucking ones? Yeah, that’s kind of why I’m divorced…

I would, however, like a bat. n

Or perhaps a pet elephant? Do you think my landlord would approve?

I once cared for and released a baby squirrel, but I think I’ll let them stay outside… She used to run up my leg like this one does:

We fed her puppy formula, raised her for a while, then set her free in a sanctuary. By the time we set her free, she was getting wild and destructive in the apartment. But I loved when she used to curl up in the back of my hair.

There are so many cute animals out there that I would love to interact with on a regular basis. I want a pet pygmy goat!

Little goat
What’s not to love?!

Don’t think goats are cute? Have you ever watched them scamper around with a dog?

Don’t like goats? What about pigs?

I want a pet lizard. Not one of the ones you buy at a pet store, either… I want one from outside.

Lizard moving its head
Plus, free pest control…

Yes, I realize that keeping a lizard as a pet isn’t really all that weird, but it’s not a dog or a cat, and I just think this guy is too cute…

And while we’re at it with pets that would be functional, why waste time with Citronella Candles, when you can have a dragonfly?

Dragon fly in motion

Okay, so somehow, looking up unusual pets on YouTube landed me into a pile of videos about Haunted Dolls.

Well, that got weird fast… I’m done!


2 thoughts on “The Friday Edition of Weird Wednesday

  1. Sometimes, I love autocorrect and other times I hate it because of the whole trying to guess what I’m typing thing. I actually had a lizard on my dinner table the other night. We found it under a candle holder… we fed it lettuce and then I made my boyfriend take it outside haha

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