Beep beep beeeeeep…

They are testing the fire alarm in the gym, or they are testing my ability to tune out both annoying steady beeping like tinnitus AND staccato beeping from the monitoring computer.

Simplex, the agents of Lucifer that they are, have been testing alarms all over multiple campuses. Usually it will beep, I hit the acknowledge button, enter notes about the alarm if need be, and life is good again.

Joke alert: I am NOT planning any of the following, nor suggesting that anyone do the following… this is intended only for purposes of humor. (Had to say that for the NSA folks who may be monitoring my blog…)

So, with all these alarms going off anyway, would this be the best time to set the gym on fire?

Burn baby, burn!

Also, I never posted anything “weird” yesterday, what with all the Earth Day stuff and a busy 12 hour shift at work. So I may have to do a “Weird Wednesday, Thursday Edition” later… because I actually have an article I found that I want to post.

Feel free to look for “Disco Inferno” on Youtube. I may have to add some fire themed music to this post later, when I can log in with a computer…


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