Still not done…

I did about 3/4 of the online part of the homework. I have two chunks of stuff (one online assignment,  one offline) to finish by midnight,  thanks to Pearson labs and their second rate website being down all day yesterday.

Fortunately,  they lowest grade on their homework assignment is dropped, because  I have a feeling this is the assignment that won’t get done. I’m waiting in the ER with Adam, who can’t go one more day without anxiety meds and the mild pain meds he takes for his slipped disk, because he hasn’t been able to sleep for three nights now.

Thank you, Governor Rick Scott, for making Tramadol a Schedule 4 prescription drug, so that the nurse practitioner can no longer write that prescription.

On a positive note – I’m now hooked on Game of Thrones like everyone else in the USA. I’m always on the late side with trends… I didn’t start reading Harry Potter until the first six books were out.

Yes, this is all quite random. More arbitrary thoughts written on my Galaxy S4. #iamwriting…


Enjoy a random artistic rendering of the top of the honeycrisp apple from Sunday…


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