Sunday Coffee Talk

Time for some coffee


Okay then. Let’s just pretend I’m inviting you to coffee at my house, because I would rather be there. It’s kind of early… the birds are singing outside.

I have to move the laundry baskets that are filled with clean laundry that the little darlings have still not put away. But aside from that, things aren’t too untidy, except the pile of books and stuff I still need to sort for donations.

I’m going for the good stuff… the whole bean coffee made in the Saeco pot that has the built-in grinder. Thrift store find last year… The coffee was a thank you gift for Adam, from Keurig, because they were so pleased with his work on their inventory recall. Saving the world from exploding coffee machines… what’s not to love?

Would you like an apple?


It’s a honeycrisp, and it lives up to the name.

Just as we are relaxing, my little monster dog starts barking because an unfamiliar car has pulled up in the driveway. The kids are back from their very brief visit with my ex.

They barrel in, leaving a trail of stuff in their wake, all hustle and bustle and happy noises. My daughter shows me the new glasses her father bought her yesterday (I asked him to get the old ones repaired – they were new last December, and still under warranty. But I certainly won’t complain that he had her eyes checked and she has new glasses again… it had been almost a year since her last exam.)

Everyone is talking at once, voices escalating in volume as each struggles to be heard, with some bitching about the fact that they had to visit him, with me in the position of telling them that they need to just give him a break, he traveled a long way and he’s made a lot of effort and they are lucky that he cares.

Really, he has made an effort since the divorce, now that the manipulation has ended. And I am happy that we were both able to put animosity aside for the sake of our kids and develop a businesslike relationship about raising the kids.

Eventually things calm down, and we resume with whatever we were discussing before the interruption. We go back to sipping coffee with your choice of sweeteners (or none) and whole organic milk if you like it.

I make a note to myself that time really does heal so many things.

My daughter comes back into the room and hits you up to get you to attend their upcoming production of the Addams Family musical at her school. You ask what role she is playing,  and she insists it is a surprise, although the entire family has already guessed.

Lurch the neighborhood creeper suddenly makes an appearance in the window… just kidding.

Enjoy your Sunday.


7 thoughts on “Sunday Coffee Talk

  1. I have my own story about the Keurig coffee makers. I was moving from Los Angeles to Miami and look through the manual to find a way of emptying out the reservoir where the water since. there was no such mention in the manual so I called the 800 customer service. I was a shirt by a young man named Steve that’s my coffee maker would make it quite well I’m going to cross country. I asked him what is it leaked the water when that for the electronics? he said if for some reason the coffee maker did not make it across the country he would make me whole.
    When the coffee maker did make its appearance at my new home of course it did not work. So I call Steve and he generously offered to make me whole I selling me a new machine for $179 and change. I explained I had bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond for $139 – the 20 percent discount. he then offered to throw in 6 cups, generosity like this comes so little in one’s life. I hung up the phone with him and called bed bath and beyond in Miami. I said, I have a Keurig, and before I could say anything else the lady on the phone said bring it in will give you a full refund. and they did. the moral I guess is keurigs don’t travel well, so buy yours at Bed Bath and Beyond. I loved your story by the way. keep up the great writing!


    1. Thanks. I have my parents’ first Keurig, which works but is noisy. The one I had in New York had a plastic piece that broke, but it still worked. I left it behind for the ex, rather than try to move it, because we were dividing stuff, and I knew my parents were upgrading and getting rid of their old one.

      They are on their third. My mother is a bargain hunter, and I guess HSN or BB&B made her an offer she couldn’t refuse…

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