Mistaken Identity

I received the following in my email inbox last week:


It’s been an amazing two weeks.

First, we blew past fundraising expectations for the March 31st reporting deadline, and now new polling data has us surging to a dead heat with Jeb Bush

Will you chip in $5, or even $35, to continue the momentum?

Since launching our campaign, the grassroots support has been breathtaking, and I am truly grateful.

Take a look at the recent coverage of our success:

“…donations are coming at a faster clip than for some GOP candidates in past years.” – The Wall Street Journal

“Cruz vaults into GOP’s top tier” – The Hill

“…if Mr. Cruz can continue his early small-dollar success, it strengthens his argument that he represents grass-roots conservatism,” – New York Times

Even the liberal New York Times cannot deny the groundswell of support our campaign is receiving, or the impact it has on the Presidential Primary race.

Our campaign has gained ELEVEN points nationally in less than two weeks, a testament to the power of courageous conservatives like you. 

If we did all of that in the first two weeks, what can we do together in the next month?

Will you chip in another $5, $15, or $35 to help build on our grassroots strength?






Some campaigns might see these great results and take their foot off the gas.

But not us. We know we can’t let up now.

This early success means that every candidate will start gunning for me — especially Hillary Clinton.  She and her friends in the liberal media will redouble their efforts to target our campaign.

Yes, Hillary will single me out for attacks soon enough.

That’s why I’m not resting and why I’m making another request of you — because the attacks will be coming from all sides and we’ve got to be ready.

Can I count on you to stand beside me?

Please, follow this link and contribute $5, $35, $75, or whatever you can afford — please do it right now if you can.

Together we can fight against the liberal agenda and reignite the promise of America.

Thank you for your continued support.

For liberty,

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz

P.S. We’re surging ahead in the polls and are now in a DEAD HEAT with Jeb Bush! But this early success means I have a target on my back, so we can’t let up now. Will you chip in $5, or even $35, to continue our momentum and protect us against attacks?

My response:
Why would you send this message to a registered Democrat?
– Not John, try again…
P.S. – I think you are one of the worst possible candidates. Quit trying to push your religious agenda on the rest of the country. It goes against the Constitution.

Pretty sure everyone on my blog knows where I stand by now.

Back in the day, when I was married to the person I’m sure this was intended to reach (Why would they send it to KATE?! Yes, my email address shares the same last name, but…) I was registered as a Republican. Can we just pretend I was drunk for 13 years? (No, I don’t do alcohol, but I can pretend, can’t I?)

John used to donate to the RNC. Regularly. Much to my annoyance, as we were living in a fixer-upper with broken windows and bad gutters and peeling plaster, all of which we could “not afford” to fix up.

We would frequently receive solicitations to donate even more money. “Here’s a dollar. Won’t you send it back with forty more, so that we can stop the liberals from taking over?” Nope. I kept that dollar… considered it a partial rebate on a bad investment. Good to know that what we DID donate was used to solicit even more donations…

One day, when John was out of the country, a card came in the mail saying he had certified mail at the post office. He wanted me to pick it up, because it might actually be something important from his regular employer. So… Off I trotted to the post office, with a baby and a preschooler and a kindergartener in tow. I stood in line for about an hour, because it was right before Christmas. (They were all out of school…) And after all that time, the certified letter? It was an “important” solicitation from the Republican National Convention. An hour of my life wasted…

After that, I made a point of always mailing back the self-addressed envelopes they would send, begging us for more money. “Nope. Sorry.” Because I delighted in costing them the postage.

I grew bitter about the donations. We gave away tens of thousands of dollars each and every year, while I bought the clothing at thrift stores and off clearance racks, and lived with cracked windows and a house that was slowly crumbling around us.

In fact, it was a fight over broken bathroom tiles that ultimately introduced the “I just don’t love you” conversation when I knew I wanted out. He just wanted to glue tiles back in place where they were popping off, while I figured we should probably fix the underlying leak that was causing the tiles to pop off before the bathtub came crashing down from the second floor into the kitchen.

I digress…

I am not a Republican. People can change. Each and every one of us is capable of absorbing facts and knowledge and evaluating beliefs like “The Republicans are more fiscally responsible than the Democrats.” No. The numbers say otherwise.

I’ve lost friends over this change. Not because I’ve ever pushed anyone to believe as I believe, but because the so-called friends felt my affiliation change was “an attack on their family.” No, it was not.

I’ve thought about a lot of things, and one of the conclusions I’ve drawn about people who vote against their own interest? They do so because they want to believe they can be “Honorary Aryans.” The woman who stands against feminism often does so because she believes in doing so she will be accepted into the Good Old Boy club by demonstrating that she thinks just like they do.

People who vote for tax cuts for the wealthy do so because they want to hold onto the belief that some day THEY will be the wealthy. Sadly, it usually doesn’t work that way.

At some point in the future, I will wind up talking about “Fair Tax” and how it isn’t fair at all, and how the “Estate Tax” was probably the least problematic tax out there, and I’m sure I will piss some people off. And the funny thing is, the people who will be the most offended will probably never even come close to collecting enough wealth to pay a penny in estate taxes if they were returned to the “more expensive” days of the pre-Bush Jr. era.

I’ve had to pay the Alternative Minimum Tax, and I’ve collected Earned Income Credits. Trust me, I’d rather be in the position of paying AMT. We weren’t living high on the hog even then, but at least I could usually pay the bills…

Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd and Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz is proof that Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd had an illicit affair. Also, I did not take any of these photos – they were found on the internet. But I did use photo joining software…

7 thoughts on “Mistaken Identity

  1. I wrote a letter to Obama one time after I had filed my taxes and I was so mad about it, AMT, no credits, just bleeding me dry. The only response I ever got was asking for money for his campaign. Me thinks he didn’t read my letter thoroughly.

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  2. I think last election was the first time I’ve ever donated to a political cause. I gave three bucks to the DSCC in a futile attempt to keep Tom Cotton out of the Senate.

    I lost count of all the folks sitting there commenting about how great it was that they “voted to repeal the death tax”, most looked like the closest they’d get to that kind of money was reading about it. Not to sound condescending, but I vote for the income I have, not the income of my dreams.
    Made me sad, shows me that Sen Warren and Senator Sanders aren’t being heard by people who need to listen.


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