Weird Wednesday Tax Edition

It’s Tax Day here in the USA, the last day to file your individual taxes for the 2014 year, or file an extension, without penalty. In honor of that fact, I’m going to post a few weird tax deductions that I’ve found. Nope, they don’t apply to yours truly, but they may benefit someone out there. Liberal America posts the following “10 Very Weird Tax Deductions” in further detail:

  1. Having a Norfolk Pine on your land in Hawaii
  2. Donating deer meat in South Carolina
  3. Ostrich depreciation
  4. Carrier Pigeons, if they are your only means of business communication
  5. A home swimming pool that is used for legitimate therapeutic reasons
  6. Donating your house to the local fire department so they can set it on fire and put it out for practice.
  7. Clarinet lessons for the purpose of fixing your overbite
  8. The “Starving Artist” deduction
  9. Special oils for body builders to smear all over their well-toned muscles
  10. Breast enlargement for business purposes. (0)(0)

And, my battery on the old lap top just bit the dust, so for now, that’s all folks!


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