Fiction Friday – Lost and Found Part 8

It’s Friday Night, and It’s high time I got to writing.

Here are the first seven parts:

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six and Seven.

Okay, ready? Here we go again…

Still not appropriate for the under 18 set…


She lay there, naked, her creamy skin against the soft white cotton sheet. This was the hard part… Time to rip the Band Aid off. It was better to end things before she grew any more attached.

“We can’t keep doing this,” he said, carelessly stroking her bare arm.

“I know,” she said softly. “It’s been fun, but you’re right. This needs to end now. We need to stop meeting.”

His eyes widened. He had expected her to plead, to cry, to argue. She wasn’t supposed to agree with him.

“You wouldn’t be sorry if we broke things off?”

She smiled.

“Well, you’ve been a lot of fun, but it’s not like we didn’t both know this was just a temporary thing. But I think we should have one more for the road…”

“We don’t have to break it off… I just… I was just worried… I didn’t want to lead you on…”

“You haven’t, Rodger. And don’t worry about a thing. Like I said, it’s been fun. I’ve enjoyed the sense of danger, the secrecy, the adventure of it all, but I know that your family is more important than our little dalliance.”

“So that’s all this was to you? An adventure?”

“That’s all it could be,” she said. She blinked, her eyes closed for just a second too long, before opening them again, meeting his eyes. “You’ve made it very clear, from the very first time we met… Okay, from the second time. The first time you were too busy trying to clean the scalding coffee from your shirt…” she smiled. “But you’ve never been anything but honest with me, and I appreciate that.”

Rob felt confused. He had expected more of a reaction from her, and her calm acceptance of the situation was… disappointing. He should be congratulating himself on how cleverly he had managed the whole affair. But somehow, he felt hollow.

He slid his hand up to her cheek, then cupped his hand behind her head, pulling her into a kiss. Gentle at first, then intensifying, growing all consuming. Suddenly he wanted her, more than anything else in the world, he wanted this woman. He wanted her to want him. Janeen be damned, he wasn’t going to lose Susie.

Janeen smiled to herself as she dusted the Precious Moments figurines in the curio cabinet. She imagined Rob and his little hussy, off in some no-tell Motel, Rob grunting as he climbed on top of her and had at it, missionary style. He really thought he was God’s gift to women.

He’d probably fuck her a few times before breaking it off. Then, when he was done using her, he’d give her a speech about how they shouldn’t go on.

He would look at Susie with that disarmingly handsome face, maybe shed a tear or two, and Susie would break down and cry. She would probably beg him to stay, and when it didn’t work? She’d start following him around like a little puppy dog.

There had been another woman before. Janeen hadn’t wanted to believe it at the time, but looking back, she was pretty sure this wasn’t Rob’s first infidelity. It would be his last, though. If things went according to plan, Rob would be lucky to make it out with all his body parts.

The plan… seduce Rob and make him want to break things off with Susie. Step two… hope Susie gets clingy and obsessive. Step three… sit back and watch as Rob has to deal with it.

Or maybe he wouldn’t break things off… then it would be time to have a little chat with Susie. Or Susie’s husband… blackmail vs. setting a fire under a jealous husband, watching him deal with Rob… so many possibilities. Janeen smiled as she dusted the little bride and groom.

Happily Ever After. ‘Til death do us part.

Part 9


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