Daydreamer Challenge 5 – Why I Blog


I will admit, I skipped yesterday’s Daydreamer Challenge, which was about blogging tips. After all, I’d pretty much done that blog post a while ago, with a blog post about best practices.

I felt that writing another suggestion post would be redundant, and with so many people giving out pointers that day, I figured they probably had enough good advice. I’m going to go back to that web page I designed in a while, to the URL I’ve created, and see if I can’t play around with creating some more stuff later. But, as I left my handy dandy web-authoring text book in my locker at work, I may just wait until Monday evening when I get out of there, as this is my weekend off.

Today’s Challenge is to discuss why I blog.

I’ve mentioned previously that I have some orphaned blogs that I started prior to Dreams and Hypotheticals. One was an online journal that was supposed to be about the experience of suddenly finding myself a military wife (I married a fellow law student who happened to be in the Individual Ready Reserve) but I never quite kept up with that one.

Then, not too long after that, when I was on some message boards where I started a thread in which we all created a story by adding a paragraph at a time, I opened a Live Journal account and had a blog that was strictly fictional – a journal of some make-believe character. I don’t remember why I abandoned that one after 48 posts. Maybe not too long after that I found I simply didn’t have the time? I don’t know… it was one of many unfinished projects.

I started this blog to promote the novel I actually finished. Because that was what all the how-to things said to do – start a blog. They didn’t really say about what though. Life experiences? I wrote a few things, but I moved, I got too busy, I did all but abandon the blog until January of this year, when I decided I really, really needed to get into a habit of writing every single day.

Since making that decision, I’ve been pretty good about blogging, and the blog has become its own thing – an ongoing place to throw ideas out there, interact with people, and write, write, write. Some days I stick to just one post, others I find I’m on a posting binge. Either way, I’m writing. and the experts are correct – practicing, making it a habit, makes it easier. I very rarely experience writer’s block these days, because when I can’t think of anything, I search for a prompt. True, I’m not trying to write another novel, though my little Fiction Friday thing may eventually become one? I’m not sure, it may stay a short story when all is said and done.

The thing is, even writing 300-1500 words a day is something, and I’m enjoying it, and I’m enjoying reading other people’s blogs, and being part of a fantastic community of writers, photographers, and artists.


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