Another good day

It’s been another fairly productive day off… Getting ready to write my Fiction Friday installment in a few more minutes. I may (*may*) even do two, as I have another idea floating in my head. Should that be called a “floater”? (Sorry, more potentially scatological humor…)

I am now registered for Basic Computer Programming and Web Authoring 2 for the summer. I am actually very excited about both of these classes.

The truth is, I have always been interested in computers, but between other interests (music, writing, drama, etc.) and the whole concept of falling into the “girl trap,” I didn’t pursue that particular outlet earlier. The thing is, there is ALWAYS time, as long as you’re alive, to follow another path.

I have been pounding the pavement today, dropping off my legal résumé at more offices around town. I figure that if nothing else, perhaps I can pick up a bit of contract work from time to time when my current schedule permits, and regain exposure to the legal system. The more experience I can gain, the better able I will be to pursue a course of action that is best for my future. While I certainly felt more productive at work yesterday (I cleaned up a very untidy log of people trespassed, injunctions, etc. on top of everything else I normally do…) I still know that ultimately, I need to do something that better matches my skills and talents.

I will continue to work hard at the job I have now, and take things one day at a time. Baby steps.

Feet in a swimming pool
My ugly feet cooling off…

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