Daydreamer Challenge – Day 2

Sunset reflecting on Long Island Sound

I am water. I can quench your thirst, or quietly drown you. I am calm. But below the surface, there are currents. I surround and become that which I touch, taking it in, cleaning it, giving it back. Eroding it. Destroying it. I am a shallow pool allowing things to grow and develop. I can be bitter cold, I can freeze until you want to snap. I can be hot. I can scald, I can boil and evaporate and soar to unseen heights. I can cradle you and gently lift you, soft waves rocking you. But be aware that when I am stirred and riled, I can dash you into the rocks.


Daydreamer Challenge, Day 2. I had a rough time coming up with an idea today, I’ll admit.

Today’s rules were to either 1) Find or take a photograph that represents you and giving a paragraph explaining why; or 2) Pick a word that describes you best and explain why.

I suppose I’ve done both, using the photograph and the word “water,” though the two are linked together.

Thank you, Caitlin, for another fun challenge.


9 thoughts on “Daydreamer Challenge – Day 2

    1. Port Washington, NY. I went to dinner at a place called Lou’s with two of my friends, shortly before moving from New York. The view was magical, the night, wonderful. Good food and better conversation.


  1. It’s a gorgeous photograph and instantly evokes a mood. Your water imagery covers the range, eloquently and makes me stop to recognize that we often overlook its power when we consider water. Nice job!

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