I am a Newbie…

So… I really, truly am a “Newbie” with web authoring. I took precisely one class, last semester, and plan on taking the second class over the summer.


The final project was created for a dance theater company in which my sister is a member. She thought it would be a good idea at the time, because they did need the site updated. The problem? The site they had was already beautiful, and I had to create something new. I did. I created something that turned out beautiful, and was a bit more user-friendly than the original, but the original was the pet project of the owner of the studio and theater company, her baby, and ultimately, she wanted to keep her own creative endeavor, which is perfectly understandable. At some point, if they want, I may help them update the site but keep the original color scheme and background images, etc. – just update the actual information, maybe help streamline a few things without making it something entirely different.

Sometimes that’s just the way things are when you are working with others. The problem was that I never had the opportunity to work directly with the person who was in charge. At any rate, I aced the class, and I gained some great experience.

What I CAN link is another project, a weekly module we worked on, a sophomore effort of mine. The assignment was to pick my “favorite movie” (like anyone has just one!) and create a web page to describe the movie. There were certain elements that had to go into the page, like the use of tables, links, etc. I chose 12 Monkeys.

Here is my page, in all its amateur glory…

The biggest criticism I received was for my use of “Impact” font. Oh well… Live and learn. 😀

Monkey posters
I created the “We Did It” artwork for this project.

3 thoughts on “I am a Newbie…

    1. Apparently some people think it’s “Amateur.” Whatever. One thing I try to do is use fonts like that as accents, and stick to boring font for the main content of the writing, because it really is easier to read.

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